Soft Baby Books

14 May

I made a soft book a few months ago for Mathias, he’s now 7 months and loves to ‘read’, chew and suck it.  It goes out and about with us and I’ve received so many lovely comments that I’ve decided to make another one or two.  It is also a good use for a bin liner full of old denim!  When we were first married (13 years ago) we had very little and were given an old 3 piece suite, between us we created patchwork covers for it out of denim, we broke a number of needles and spent a long time getting them to fit, then we moved and got rid of the suite!  Not being able to throw the fabric away it came with and has sat in a bin liner 2 different lofts for almost 10 years!

The main problem with getting these made is choosing the fabric to use for the pictures from the massive stash of scraps that I have!  Care at Obsessively Stitching has made a very fantastic soft book (or two) go and look.

Will post up some photo’s when they are finished!

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