Quilts – part 4

15 Apr

This needs to be an easy post to write as it’s school holidays and while I have more free time it’s not quiet time!  This quilt I made for L’s birthday last year, I found the patchwork in a bag in the loft (do you see a recurring theme here?) and added a few pieces to it to make it into a dolly sized quilt.  Once upon a time I was going to make a Stamps and Money quilt from Kaffe’s book Patchwork because it looked so fantastic.  But I soon realised it would take forever at the speed I was going so what better to do than put what I had done and in a bag and store it for 10 years?  The fabrics were all from hand me downs, some really vintage and retro pieces in there.

About a year ago I had a rummage through the bags of fabric in the loft to see what I could find and discovered a bag with a smallish piece of patchwork and a quantity of squares cut ready for sewing.  Leah’s birthday was coming up so I decided to make the best of what was there and make it into a quilt for a dolly.  So I added to the existing patchwork from some of the squares that were in the bag and made it into what I thought would be a good size quilt for a dolly.

While I have some ambitions to do intricate quilting it doesn’t really happen.  I did make an effort with this one, I’ve no idea if it has a name but I quilted a line 1/2 cm inside each side of each square which I think looks good on this and incredibly neat on both the front and back!

I also usually make my own bias binding but didn’t have the time so bought a packet of purple.  Leah was delighted with the quilt.  I think she is generally delighted with any present, all she normally asks for for her birthday is cake, so presents are a bonus!

Here is Losabog fast asleep under the quilt in her cot, shhhhhhhhh.

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3 Replies to “Quilts – part 4

    • Iris – thanks, they were very random choices, in fact not sure if there was any planning involved!

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