Finished dress and thrifted fabrics

31 May

Ok so the dress was finished a week or so ago, I just felt it needed a pocket.  So I made a pocket following this pleated pocket tutorial, I scaled it down as the pockets I made recently for Dress A Girl Around the World were quite big, I also added a line of ric rac which she was delighted with.  I pinned the pocket on the dress and then left it hanging for a week or so, purely because I wasn’t sure if it was the right size or if it was in the right place.  But on Sunday morning I eventually got Bethan to try the dress on, positioned the pocket and sewed it on, she was happy with it

then she pottered around the garden while Tobi took some pictures:

On Saturday we didn’t have a lot planned which is always good in my opinion, I hate rushing around at the weekends trying to do lots of things.  In the afternoon we meandered up to our 3 local charity shops for a browse (me) and a play in the toy department (the children).  I made some great discoveries in the shape of pillowcases:

The first one is a really pale print which is why I’ve gone for a close-up shot so you can actually see some of the pattern.

A gorgeous blue floral print,

and a yellow floral print.

All pretty vintage in my opinion and just right for turning into pillowcase dresses when I find a spare moment.

I don’t often rummage through the clothing but I had a quick browse as the children were happy playing selecting items to purchase  and I found a pair of trousers just ripe for cutting up!

Ok, I admit I’m not a big fan of Boden, (happy to accept those hand-me-downs for the children though) but I do think that some of their prints are really quite nice (just wouldn’t choose to wear them!).  So, for not very much I calculated that I could make quite a few things from these – watch this space!

On this theme of upcycling this blog post has just hit my reader which has a fantastic looking (I say that because I’ve not read it in any detail yet!) tutorial upcycling a shirt to purse (bag in the UK), so get shopping for shirts or raid a wardrobe and see what you can do.

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4 Replies to “Finished dress and thrifted fabrics

    • Thanks, I’ve got some more fabric to make another summer dress, although all we’ve had in the last few days is rain!

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