More completed soft books

29 Nov

I’m not sure where this week has gone, I think there was a whirlwind or something and it’s not even December yet!

I’ve been busy making books for my number one customer!  I posted two off to her yesterday and finished another last night.

So I’ll show you the two I’ve just finished. I asked on Facebook if anyone could guess the name that I was working on with 2 of the letter ‘u’ in it but no one got it right. Both new appliqués for me:

an umbrella

Book for Autumn - umbrella

and a unicorn:

Book for Autumn - unicorn

and the name? Autumn of course!

Soft book for Autumn

The other book is for a little girl called Matilda. One of the joys of working with Sue is that she chooses some of the images particularly for each child as they have a special significance for them:

In this case ‘d’ is for diplodocus (and by default dinosaur)

Book for Matilda - diplodocus

and ‘a’ is for airplane/aeroplane:

Book for Matilda - airplane

Matilda's book

I hope to show you last nights completed book soon, but that might be a while as I have a really busy few days coming up!

Oh I should also point out the new seasonal blog header (thanks Tobit) and the email subscribe form that we think is now sorted and actually works, let me know if you have a problem with it.

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5 Replies to “More completed soft books

  1. Wow Mary they look great, what a lovely personal present idea. I’ve sure they will be loved for years by the recipients.

  2. As ever they are gorgeous. I did some more sewing on my machine yesterday (I know!!!!) and I even had to wind thread onto a bobbin (arrrggghhh!). If it wasn’t such a faff setting it all up and clearing it all away I’d do more, although I have no inspiration as to what to make but I’m sure it will hit me. x

  3. Hi Mary
    I love your book pages!
    Your email subscription thing is working well now – for me anyway!!

  4. Your soft books are really lovely – what fantastic presents for little ones. Hope you will join in my giveaway – I think it might appeal to you!

    Pomona x

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