I can now reveal…

28 Dec

I hope you had a healthy and happy Christmas, ours could have been much healthier, we are still suffering from a ‘bug’ but had a lovely quiet time at home.

Now that some gift giving has been done I can reveal one of the things I was working on before Christmas:

Mosaic - soft book for Maisie

My lovely friend and used to be next door neighbour asked me to make this book for her god-daughter for Christmas, duly finished with a few days to spare! (for brighter clearer pictures go here).  Emma had particularly liked a book I made for my new nephew where I had taken the pocket off the jeans and there was a very obvious dark patch on the main piece, so I did the same with the front/back of this book.  More books soon!

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2 Replies to “I can now reveal…

  1. She adored it, it’s so beautiful. I think more orders will be coming your way.
    You are very talented xxx

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