More Christmas presents revealed

6 Jan

Both of Tobits’ sisters had babies last year and I planned to make both of the babies soft books for Christmas. Knowing that I was going to be busy in the run up to Christmas I was incredibly organised and had them both finished by the beginning of November!

The first one was a bit of a challenge in that it was a five letter name. The way I construct the book means that a six or seven letter name works best! Anyway this prompted me to venture out of my comfort zone and try something different. So I made each letter as a separate page and then and bound them all together at the end rather than making a double page spread and just stitching through all the pages (does that make sense? it does to me!)

Mosaic - soft book for Megan

I’m pleased with how it turned out, the pages don’t lie as flat as they do on the 8 page books but I don’t think that matters.

Anyway they visited us just before new year and Megan seemed fairly keen on grabbing the book and shoving it near her mouth, in fact I think it had milky sick on it before they left – good job it’s washable!

Soft book for Kian

I’ve just seen that this next photograph of the kite is missing it’s string and bows…I am really sure that I noticed and stitched them on…but now I’m worried that I didn’t!

Soft book for Kian - k is for kite

I forgot the tails of the elephant and giraffe in Megan’s book and had to get Tobit to retake the photographs once I’d added them!  I’m glad that I didn’t leave making them until the last minute, who knows what they would have turned out like!

Soft book for Kian - i is for igloo

Soft book for Kian - a is for apple

Kian is a short name for a book, in hindsight I would have constructed this differently too, maybe it’s a good thing to have family to practise on!  I think the pages where the letters are look a bit bare, maybe next time I’ll put in an uppercase letter too, or just make the letter much bigger, hmmmm.

Soft book for Kian - number nine

Anyway I have another book commission to work on, for ‘Daisy’ – another 5 letter name, I have a slightly different plan for this one although that may well change!

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