Wanted: bigger house

29 Mar

Yesterday I decided that my goal for the week would be to come up with an arrangement of Oh My Stars blocks so that I can piece the top together.  So last night I pressed all 113 blocks (don’t ask why I have 2 too many!) and then dithered about where to lay them out, eventually I opted for the living room floor although to be honest there is no other option.

This is the first section:

oh my stars top 1

I pretty much knew that the floor space wouldn’t be big enough:

oh my stars top 1

The process wasn’t helped by the main light not working and me knowing that I could lay them out but then they would have to be collected up again before bed!

oh my stars top 1
(please don’t tell the children I was standing on the arm of the sofa)

The blocks don’t quite match up due to different sizes, seam allowances etc, but this is one option for the top. There are countless other options which involve swapping the same size blocks around…

I think what I am going to have to do is create a makeshift design wall somewhere and pin the blocks onto it so I can ponder it for a couple of days until I either come up with a wonderful arrangement or I get fed up and stitch anyway.

Can you see any glaring ‘mistakes’ in the layout so far?

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4 Replies to “Wanted: bigger house

  1. I think it looks beautiful as is. The colours are lovely together and I like the haphazard, organic arrangement of different sizes of star. Look forward to viewing the finished article (both quilt and blog form).

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