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18 May

Amy's Creative Side

Welcome to my little corner of Blogger’s Quilt Festival.

At the end of last year I saw a lot of quilt alongs starting up and was tempted to join a number of them.  I had a need to make a quilt for my middle child as I had made a quilt for both my other two children.  I needed something manageable, preferably something that I didn’t need to buy a pile of fabric for.  I have no idea what my definition of manageable was but in the middle of January still no closer to starting a quilt I came across this:

"Oh My Stars!" ...with a border.

I was blown away and inspired. Sheila at Thought and Found was hosting ‘Oh My Stars – A quilt-along’ it had already started but I thought it wasn’t too late to join in. Sheila was proposing to use vintage sheet fabric which you will know if you’re a regular reader that I’ve been collecting them for a while and wanted to get using them. So this fitted in with my plan to not buy fabric and to use up some vintage sheets!

But before I committed to the quilt along I had a go at making the first star and it worked:

Basic sawtooth star

I’m not a very experienced quilter, I’d certainly never made a star before. Now I can confidently say I have made over 100!  There are 15 different types of 8 point star in this quilt, some were far more challenging than others!

I almost managed to catch up with the quilt along, and managed to finish all the star blocks by the middle of March and had it pieced, basted, quilted and bound well before the end of April.  That is speedy for me.

Oh My Stars finished quilt

Oh My Stars finished quilt

Oh My Stars finished quilt back

Last weekend the sun was shining after what feels like weeks of rain, so we took the opportunity to get some photographs of the quilt in our local park. The basketball court provided the ideal fencing to peg on to. Someone else saw the chance for a quick nap!

M getting cosy on the basketball court

Quilt Stats:
Made for: My daughter Leah
Size: 68″ x 92″
Fabric: Vintage sheets for all except the background which is Kona Snow
Quilting: Quilted by me on my machine in a circular patter starting from a point off centre
Batting: EQS 50/50 cotton/bamboo (which didn’t cost me anything as I won credit for Fancy Moon and spent it all on wadding!)
Pattern: Oh My Stars by Sheila, Thought and Found

If you’ve come over from the Blogger’s Quilt Festival thanks for visiting and please leave a comment if you have time.

AND I’d be delighted if you came back on Monday for the start of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day.

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43 Replies to “Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2012

  1. Wow that quilt is beautiful Mary, I can’t imagine how many hours it took to make all those stars! The quilting really makes it.

  2. Can I please have this quilt hehehehe I LOVE IT!!!! Nothing like getting good at something by doing tons of them!!

  3. I absolutely love the way you used sheets to make the stars! I have stacks of florals and haven’t been able to find the perfect pattern! I just found it!!! Thank you for sharing! Love, love, love your quilt!!

  4. This is so pretty! You should be very proud of the great job you did on this, the circular quilting is just icing on the cake. Fantastic.

  5. Oh my stars what a beautiful quilt. Love the bright happy fabric, Love the white background making those stars float, Love the quilting pattern, Love the back, and Love Love that precious picture of your little one under quilted covers!

  6. This is delightful! I love the colours and I love your quilting. It gives the quilt a real feel of a galaxy of stars. Lovely!

  7. I’m not sure this was “manageable”. I took part in this quilt along too, and although my quilt top is finished, the bastin, quilting and binding is still on my to-do list – you have re-inspired me to get a move on – beautiful!

  8. i LOVE this. am always drawn to stars–maybe since my earliest memories include a super huge star quilt on my parent’s bed. yours is just fantastic and so fun to be made from “free” (already in your stash) fabrics. love that quilting–how in the world did you do that so perfectly? thanks for sharing and have a great day

  9. What an interesting and striking way to quilt the quilt. I’m definitely putting that into my “gotta do” list. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. This is so BEAUTIFUL! I want one:) thank you so much for sharing. I have a small collection of vintage sheets. now i will be seriously scouting for more:) janita

  12. OOPSIE, i wanted to ask you if you pick out just the all cotton sheets. I see some at garage sales that are some polyester. I have not picked those up when I see them but wonder what others are using. wondering if I am being tooo picky. thank you. janita

  13. I love that! The quilt just sings, it’s so beautiful and the colors are so perfect. Thanks.

  14. Your quilt is so pretty. That’s quite a commitment to something that was supposed to be manageable. You are a star making queen! Great to see it’s getting good use!

  15. I love all the variation of the stars- it looks like a night sky… I particularly liked the swirling quilting that gives the look of movement in the sky- very pretty – The back is very fun too.
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Enjoy the festival.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  16. I saw this on the festival and had to come say way to go!!! I have not even started mine. I am going to be using Hawaiian prints and a sea blue background. I am sure it will be adorable when it is done. I love yours though, adorable.

  17. That is an amazing quilt! I had never thought of doing a whole quilt with vintage sheets, what a fabulous idea!

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