Blooming Flowers

10 Aug

Week number something or other in the Patchwork, Please! sew along and the turn of the Swedish Bloom Time Quilt.

I will admit to starting this a while ago.  I can’t remember when but it was before we moved out of our living room into our new space…

I started with the flowers:


I spent a fair amount of time pulling fabric, putting it back and pulling more!

Swedish Bloom

Despite thinking that I didn’t have much green in my stash I managed to find enough different prints for the leaves.

Swedish Bloom Time Quilt

This was a bit of a long term project, one I picked up and put down depending on what else I had to do but it didn’t feel like it took a long time.  The flowers and leaves are paper pieced which was quite therapeutic to do once one was complete.

I did spend a lot of time thinking about the layout, whether or not to have the flowers all the same way up or not.  In the end despite my love of symmetry I did opt for following Ayumi’s quilt layout in the book and I’m pretty pleased with it:

Swedish Bloom Time Quilt

I was delighted to use some fabrics that I’d only just bought, quite often fabrics sit in my stash for a while, but all the border are new fabrics including the Francophile Stripe in gold and purple by Suzuko Koseki which was kindly sent to me by the lovely Amber from Dapple and Grey.

My next job is to choose a backing fabric, I think I might have just the right vintage sheet fabric in my stash…

Check out some other great paper pieced projects here:

Paper Piecing Party
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18 Replies to “Blooming Flowers

  1. Mary this looks fabulous! Love your fabric choices, great contrast and just beautiful 🙂

  2. LOVE it. I liked how you could use scraps and I too wanted to have all the leaves going the same way but opted Ayumi’s style too. lol

  3. This is beautiful Mary! The Blooming Flowers is reason enough to buy the book I reckon! Can’t wait to see your vintage sheet backing! Sx

  4. What a great top! I really dig the purple flower – it’s hard to find good purples as you know and you totally nailed it. So pretty!

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