February check-in – Fabriholics Anonymous

24 Feb

Time for a review of February’s fabric acquisitions…

A whole lot of vintage sheets:


Fortunately these are allowed as without them my Etsy shop would close and I would have no money to spend on fabric holidays.


Some from the charity shop and some from the car boot:


All quite lovely and being chopped up for sale:


I had a little bit of a mishap and bought this:


It was from the car boot and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised it is not actually a vintage sheet but a gorgeous 33″ (selvedge to selvedge) x 120″ piece of brushed cotton/flannel.  It will be brilliant for pyjama bottoms or  quilt back and for 50p (US$0.83) you can understand why it was an easy mistake to make!

I have also acquired some quilting fabrics by the way of swaps. These were from Pennydog, I sent her Kaffe Fassett woven stripes in return:

Swap fabrics from Pennydog

And this bundle was from Lily’s Quilts in return for some emergency Kona White.

Swap fabrics received from Lily's Quilts

So another great month if you don’t count the mishap!  I’ve not been craving fabric, but I have ordered 2 metres of Botanics Widescreen for a quilt back, that too was allowed to make the quilt for my brothers wedding gift.  I’m pretty sure I’ve spent hardly any time browsing fabric shops online and have just deleted any fabric emails, newletters before reading about special offers etc, it’s given me more time to sew, more about that another day!

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10 Replies to “February check-in – Fabriholics Anonymous

  1. Good for you! I think you are doing really well all considered…I would love a bit of that widescreen backing…yum. I guess that means I have to FINISH A QUILT TOP FIRST. 😉 Also, loving that pink sheet with the bows on it. Adorable! My girls would love that…too bad I am fasting. Darn it.

  2. Well done Mary you are doing great (better than some!). That vintage fabric is do easy to confuse, shame to waste it! 😉

  3. I did pretty badly on the fabric purchase front in February, but I’ve been deleting emails from shops too — it really does help not even to read about what they’ve got in new and have on sale 😀

  4. I’ve bought two FQs for an extra gift in a tote bag swap (not yet arrived) and OH bought me some for a belated birthday present so I’m still doing OK too!

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