20 Jul

Yes I’ve been feeling a little bit sad that I’m not in London this weekend at Fat Quarterly Retreat, I’m enjoying seeing the photo’s appearing on Instagram though they make me miss it even more!

But we’ve been busy here with a preschool sports event, school fair and preschool graduation and fair.  I’ve managed to squeeze in some sewing time and got my vintage sheet string quilt quilted:


I also squeezed in time on Friday to get the binding stitched on one side, the evenings are being spent hand stitching it on to the back:

I’ve also had inspiration for what to do with this:


A vintage blouse from Harrods made in Switzerland, gifted to me by a friend who is moving house, I’m keeping the inspiration under wraps for now but I’m pretty pleased with it.

And if that was enough I decided on the layout for a baby quilt yesterday morning:


Yes, this is the black and white version in case you were wondering!

We’ve nothing planned for today, the children still have a whole week left at school so I feel like we need to reserve our energy for that, I’m hoping therefore that I can make some progress on one or all three of the projects above!

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10 Replies to “#notgoingtofqr

  1. I bet it is a bummed to miss out on fqr but look at how much you have accomplished! The vintage sheet quilt beautiful! I also love the pic of your son modeling the apron, that was precious

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Funny how watching others get their sew on in London makes sew, sew, sew too :0)

  3. Loving your vintage sheet quilt M! Yes, I’ve been FQR sad this w/e too! Can’t believe that’s another year gone! My kids have been off for 3 weeks already! Groan! Jxo

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