WIP Wednesday AND a goal for November

5 Nov

I have a plan; it’s for a Christmas quilt, I never thought I’d be making one but I am. The seed was sown at a sewing date last month with Jo and Emily.

Emily already has at least 2 Christmas quilts, Jo, I think was vaguely thinking about one and Emily glanced up and one and said she could see the makings of one in Jo’s stash already.

This got me thinking about whether or not I could make a Christmas quilt from stash, I certainly couldn’t do it from my stash of Christmas fabrics which is tiny but using, red, greens and the right sort of blue I probably could.

So a few hours with my stash and Touchdraw (oh yes we are becoming quite good friends)I came up with this:

Christmas Swoon scrappy

There were probably a few more hours spent working out the maths.  I made a few test blocks:


Since then I’ve cut the green and white/low volume strips:


My aim is to have a finished quilt top by the end of November so am setting this as my goal for ALYoF for this month.

Don’t forget to go and vote for your favourite quilts in the Bloggers Quilts Festival, feel free to vote for me 😉

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9 Replies to “WIP Wednesday AND a goal for November

  1. Cute concept for a Christmas quilt, and bonus points for making it all from stash!
    At some point you might like to consider EQ7 quilt design software, which calculates all the math, fabric yardage, etc. for you and lets you audition unlimited color options.

  2. This looks wonderful! I love the pattern and hope to do the mini in 2015. I hope you get your top done this month!

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