X marks the spot

19 Nov

There is a small boy in our house who for a while now has had a keen interest in pirates and treasure. It’s mostly the treasure that interests him to be honest, so much so that we even visited a gold mine on our holiday in the summer.

For his birthday my husband made him a treasure chest from some pallets that were lying around following the building work we had done last year:

treasure chest

My idea for a handmade gift struck when I came across a pirate embroidery pattern by Sarah Jane Studios.  I spent a relaxing few hours stitching the pattern and set about wondering what to do with the finished embroidery.


I had a few pieces of fabric from the Out to Sea line by Sarah Jane and put a request out on instagram for any scraps.  Thanks very much to the lovely Joanne and Susy who sent me some pieces I managed to put this cushion cover together:


I couldn’t bear to cut into the piece from Susy as the drawings are too nice to fussy cut so kept it to use on the back:


Of course with pirates and maps there has to be treasure and so if you look carefully you will find that ‘x’ marks the spot(s):


The ‘x’s’ were already printed on the fabric but I stitched over them with embroidery thread to make them stand out a bit more and make it a little more tactile.

It’s become a firm favourite with Mathias and is used every night when he snuggles up in bed for story time!

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6 Replies to “X marks the spot

  1. What a beautiful cushion, your embroidery is perfect! What would we do without random people who send scraps in the post eh?

    Ps. Should I be ashamed of the fact that I spent most of my life within half an hour of Dolaucothi but have never been there? Maybe I should take the kids there when Benji is older :0)

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