4th quarter FAL list

9 Oct

It’s time to set out my list for this last quarter of the year.  I know that it’s going to be a really busy end to the year for me, lots of non sewing stuff going on so I’m definitely not going to feel bad if these all remain unticked!

1. We have this fantastic bag, it’s been around since we had our first child nearly 11 years ago.  We use it a lot, it’s great for trips to the library especially when each child can get 12 books out each time.  But we are no longer users of nappies so everytime I use it I think I should do something about covering up the logo/making it prettier:


I have quite a few Tule hexies leftover from other projects so I’m going to appliqué them to both sides of the bag and enjoy carrying it a bit more.

tushies and hexies

2. This is a carry forward from quarter 3:


The hand quilting has been finished since I took this photo, I now need to turn it into a pillow cover. I’m not sure what I’ll back it with yet, add binding or piping, or how I’ll close it!

3. I also have 3 ‘flowers’ left over that I need to do something with:


4. It was my month in the STQB in August and I’ve made one quilt from the blocks and have pieced another top, it just needs binding and labelling:


5. With the leftovers from the Winterberry quilt I’m making a cushion cover, so far it’s quilted:


6. Sewing with knits.  Tobit bought me the Craftsy class for my birthday last December, I am making it my mission to make a least one of the patterns that came with the class.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 13.46.17

I have the fabric, washed and ready:


I’ve printed and stuck the pattern together.

7. Hot water bottle covers – my girls have shop bought ones, my boy doesn’t have a hot water bottle but wants one, so I’m planning to buy one and make a cover for it using Adrienne’s tutorial and a pile of scraps from other things that I have made for him.  I have odd bits of flannel from pyjama’s that I’ve made him and that will make it extra snuggly I hope.  If this is successful I make one to cover my bottle too!

8. Rowan Tee – I’ve just bought this pattern and am hoping to attempt it next week for Kids Clothes Week.

9. Rohan Hoodie – pattern is printed and fabric is picked although someone might have changed their mind!

10. Scissor Cozy – have you seen the great pattern/tutorial by Svetlana?  I have the pattern ready and a pile of scraps from various projects this year (there are more scraps than shown in the photo) so plan to use those to make one or two for me and I think that it would make a nice Christmas gift for my mum too:


10. Should this even been on the list?  Carried forward since quarter 1 paper pieced shirts.

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