Sunday Stash #51

20 Dec

This week I had some goodies arrive in the post, I’ve been waiting for these so that I can start my Haptic Lab world map quilt.  I’ve done a bit of hand quilting before but made it up as I went along.  This is a big project so I did some research before starting.

UntitledI watched Sarah Fielke’s Hand Quilting with Perle Cotton tutorial and bought a thimble, needles and a quilting hoop as advised.Untitled

The quilting hoop is 1″ deep so at least twice the depth of an embroidery hoop, I’m hoping it will be  great asset.  I bought a metre of Kona Snow for the top of the quilt and a metre of Kona Torch for the back, I bought it from Plush Addict when they had 20% off Kona last weekend.

I’ve basted the layers together and hope to make a start this week!  It might even be this afternoon as I’ve run out of bobbin thread for my Welsh Blanket quilt and can’t get any more until tomorrow.

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6 Replies to “Sunday Stash #51

  1. I can’t quilt or embroider with a hoop. It takes too long, hurts my thumb and my stitches are too large!! See how it goes. You probably have more patience than I have. I’ve started to do most of my quilting by machine unless I want to use pearlised or metallic threads or big stitch quilting. Just lazy, I’m afraid!

  2. You are well prepared! I love hand quilting, and find it hard to do without a quilt hoop. I usually lean one edge of my hoop on my knee, or on the edge of the table if I’m sitting at the kitchen table. The one advice people often forget: Unlike with embroidery, you shouldn’t put your quilt sandwich too tautly into the hoop or it gets very hard to move your needle through the quilt. Make sure the quilt layers are flat and unwrinkled, but lying very loosely on top of the bottom ring, then gently fit the top ring over it and tighten. Also, the size of the stitches very much depend on the sizes of needle, thread, and thickness of the quilt sandwich. Relax, and enjoy, the rest comes (as always) with practice! 🙂

  3. I’ve just recently discovered Haptic Lab and I’m looking forward to seeing your world map progress. I’d like to give one of the city maps a try.

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