Not the most exciting finish but a finish nonetheless

21 Jan

Oh yes I have my first finish to tick off my 1st quarter FAL list.  This paper pieced block has been sat in my drawer for longer than I care to remember but I’m guessing it was made in March 2014! 


Yesterday after doing a whole stack of other things I needed a quick and easy project to work on so I got this out.  I pulled a piece of fabric from stash to back it with and quilted in the ditch.  It shows clearly on the back: UntitledI cut a 2″ wide strip of fabric for binding and worked out as I went along how to deal with the corners:

UntitledLast night once the children were in bed I hand stitched the binding down and ta daaa a finished pot saver. Is it really a thing?  I don’t know but it is now: Untitled

It sits neatly inside the frying pan which has a non-stick surface so need to be protected from other things that get put in it in the cupboard:


I never thought I’d be taking photo’s of kitchen equipment but there you go!  A great use for an orphan block.

I’ll be linking up at the end of March and now I’m going to see what other things need finishing to tick off that list.

2016 FAL
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5 Replies to “Not the most exciting finish but a finish nonetheless

  1. It’s beautiful! It must be a ‘thing’, as I just made some pot savers as well. I wished that I’d thought of using orphan blocks though (it seems so obvious now!).

  2. I still love this pot saver and now I am checking you out for the FAL. Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.

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