2nd quarter FAL list

15 Apr

It’s the beginning of the second quarter of the year and so time to make a list for the Finish-Along; I’m just looking back at my list for the first quarter and I completed 4 things off it, they were fairly simple items but hey they are no longer WIP’s!

So I’m carrying some over into this second quarter:

Just after Christmas I started hand quilting the Haptic Lab world map; UntitledI made good progress in the first quarter and hope to make more in the second: UntitledI’m leaving this next one on my list despite the fact that they were on my FAL list all last year: skullsI may eventually be shamed into doing something with them.    Hexies: an ongoing project but there’s a chance that I might be inspired to turn them in to something; I’m not sure I touched them at all this last quarter.  But you never know when a portable project may be needed especially with the warmer weather approaching:Untitled

I started hand quilting my Marcelle Medallion quilt last weekend; I made the top in a couple of weeks earlier this year and decided that it deserved to be slowly hand quilted.   UntitledI’ve no idea how long it will take but having it on the list is an incentive to keep going. I’ve started the next in my series (!) of Welsh Blanket quilts, it will look like this: Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 13.33.23  I have the fabric – Moda Grunge;grunge

I’ve done the maths and I’ve cut everything:

UntitledI’ve made the centre block this week: Untitled

My aim for the quarter is to have a finished quilt top, obviously a finished quilt would be wonderful but I’m being realistic.

2016 FAL
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4 Replies to “2nd quarter FAL list

  1. An impressive list, Mary, it would be great to see this Welsh quilt variation made up. And your Marcelle Medallion is lovely!

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