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22 Apr

After the success of my first knit top I bought 1.5 metres of some light jersey to make another scoop neck top:

IMG_8069I was pleased with my attempt at matching the stripes on the side seams: IMG_8091

I’m pretty sure that 1 metre would have been enough for this top but with the ‘scraps’ I made a t-shirt for Bethan: Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 13.31.05I used the Rowan Tee pattern by Titchy Threads, I printed out the pattern and stuck it together then traced size 8 and 11 onto Swedish tracing paper so that I could make tops for both my girls: IMG_8056I guess the photographer didn’t notice that the hem was all curled up on the top, but never mind!  Both girls have worn these a lot already so I’m definitely counting these a success.

Bethan seems to have had a growth spurt and needed new pyjama trousers so last Saturday we cycled down to the fabric shop and bought a metre of this: UntitledI traced around her too short pyjama bottoms and added some length to the pattern and before bedtime she had new bottoms to wear.  I’ve not got a photo of them so you’ll have to believe me.  But with the leftovers I made myself some pants!

UntitledI had been wondering what I could do with knit scraps, they are not so easy to incorporate into projects as quilting fabrics are.  Somewhere someone mentioned pants and so had a search and came across 2 free patterns.  For this pair I used this pattern by Zoe Edwards.  Fold over elastic is required to make these and I bought mine from Krafty Koala on Etsy, they have 70 different colours so plenty to choose from!  They are in theory pretty simple to make although the sewing of the FOE is slow and tricky to unpick if you have to!   These are comfy and I will be making more I’ve a pair using this pattern from makeBra that need finishing off the FOE unpicking in one spot and then I’ll see how they compare. I’ve really enjoyed using my overlocker and sewing with knits and am spending time seeking out new knit fabrics and sewing patterns – please let me know if you have any recommendations.

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