It’s all blue

19 Sep

Judging by my scrap collection, blue is probably my favourite colour:


I’m not sure what this looks like to the reader but it’s a boot box full.  Some of the scraps are pretty small; an inch square and some small half square triangles.

I started paid employment back in May for the first time in 9 years, I have a notebook, funnily enough it has a boring, plain cover so last week I sneaked in a bit of time to randomly stitch some of these blue scraps together:


There are all sorts of memories stitched in here; probably the last Echino scooter from a metre I bought 5 years ago, it’s been used in various projects and this is the last one.


There’s a snippet of sock monkey from a quilt I made for Siblings Together, origami zebras left over from a pillow case project, a couple of bits of Park Slope and All Stars from Riley Blake:29684295491_15bb256416_z

A label on the inside so it can be returned if I manage to mislay it but to be honest I’m not sure anyone at work will have one like this!


I even remembered to add a ribbon when stitching it in to a cover so that I have a bookmark:


Believe it or not I’ve not made a dent in those scraps but Tobit and I have another plan which requires the use of a ‘good’ number of scraps so that might help.  Hopefully I’ll have some progress on that to show for next months Scraptastic Tuesday whatever day it is I get around to posting!

Scraptastic Tuesday
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5 Replies to “It’s all blue

  1. Beautiful notebook, I like the memories part, I had not thought of that in terms of using scraps for personal items for me, thank you.

  2. That’s what I love about making with scraps – all the memories! Bravo and I think you could be right being the only one unless you get commissions to make covers for everyone else!?? Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictueday!

  3. What a great way to use some of your lovely scraps! Do you have a favourite way (tutorial) to construct your notebook cover? I have several notebooks, they could do with covers, too…

  4. I love your notebook cover from scraps I’ve wanted to make one for such a long time but have never gotten around to it. You have inspired me to put this further up on the list. Thank you!

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