One like mum’s

7 Oct

I made myself a cardigan from knit fabrics earlier this year; Bethan immediately wanted one for herself.  I found the Scarf Neck Cardigan a free pattern and while the largest size is age 10 (although there is a women’s version) I was fairly confident it would be fine for my petit 11 yr old.  So the pattern was printed and taped and added to my 3rd quarter FAL list.

UntitledI had planned to use some fabric from stash but then a trip to the local fabric shop led to Bethan choosing some blue/grey knit fabric.  It’s a great pattern and the pattern states that the largest size can be made from 1 yard of 60″ wide fabric.  I prewashed the metre of fabric and I don’t know if there was a huge amount of shrinkage but it was quite a tight squeeze to get all the pieces on. IMG_9267

I sewed this on my serger and it was quick and trouble free, I didn’t hem the bottom, as far I could tell the angles of the hem made it too tricky, so I left it and it works fine, it curls up a little but she doesn’t mind.

IMG_9257I claiming this as a success because she’s worn it a lot, I’d be happy to make another and may well make one in my size! IMG_9269

I’m not apologising for the photo’s but I only realised late this week that I’d not got any photographs to accompany the blog post; so a photoshoot in the hallway after dinner was the best we could do!

2016 FAL
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