The last of the teacher gifts (for this year!)

7 Oct

I had a couple of open-wide zip pouches on my FAL list.  I ended up making 3 for teacher gifts at the end of the summer term.

Originally Leah chose fabrics for her 2 teachers; one of the teachers had wanted to commission one from Bethan as part of her Lepra Fundraising but she wasn’t quick enough off the mark so we decided to make one for her.

IMG_8521Leah choose the text fabric as she’s a teacher: IMG_8522

And more text fabric for the other teacher who likes yellow:

I do think this is one of my favourite pouches to make, if you’ve never seen it before it’s by Noodlehead and you can find it here.IMG_8527 Mathias decided that his teacher (who he also had the previous year) would like a pouch too, he pulled out some seagull fabric; you will have to believe me when i say that the fabric placement on the other side is much better. IMG_8520

His teacher spends a lot of time at her caravan by the seaside so he thought this would be appropriate for her:


One day I might get round to making one for me but for now I’m linking up:
2016 FAL
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4 Replies to “The last of the teacher gifts (for this year!)

  1. These are beautiful! Thanks for participating in the 2016 FAL on behalf of the global hosts ????

  2. Love the scaps, while scappy, they all appear somewhat organized according to colors

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