A knit quilt

25 Sep

I put this on my FAL list for this quarter as a lovely friend from guild had just had a baby girl and I wanted to use some of the Cloud 9 knit fabrics that I picked up in a swap at my guild meeting.

I’ve never made a quilt from knit fabrics before so was a little bit apprehensive.  I did a bit of reading around and got irritated by all the suggestions to interface the fabrics before sewing with them!  I found this post by Carolyn Friedlander really helpful and confirmed that interfacing isn’t always the answer!

Anyway I picked some of the fabrics from the selection I had and worked out how big I could make each rectangle.  I was working from fat eighths so basically quartered each one. 

To stitch them together I tried to use my Janome Horizon but it really didn’t like the knit fabric so I quickly got out my overlocker which was more than happy to piece them.

I used whatever wadding I had in my stash; the handy thing about baby quilts is that they don’t need much wadding.

I quilted using the stretch stitch on my Horizon (number 6) and used Aurifil 2021 in the bobbin and woolly nylon on top.  It seemed to work!The backing fabric is from Lizzy House’s Whisper palette and the binding is cut from a striped vintage sheet.

I gifted this to Charlotte and baby Lucy at our guild meeting in September and I’m ticking it off my FAL list and will link up in a couple of weeks at the end of the quarter!

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3 Replies to “A knit quilt

  1. This is a wonderful quilt, and I’m sure the knit fabrics added to the snuggliness! Did you use a woven fabric for the backing?
    I’ve been looking for tips to use knit fabric in quilts, and can’t face ironing interfacing to all the fabric. Quite besides that I imagine it would get stiffer too. Since I have no overlocker I will be trying on my ordinary machine. I have tried playing with knit fabric before, so I hope it will work.
    I’ll be off now checking out the post by Carolyn Friedlander, thank you for that link!

  2. Such a pretty quilt and lovely combination of fabrics! I have interfaced knit for memory quilts but that’s only when it’s a mix of fabrics – it works better that way when being sewn to denim or chunky knits as it evens out the weight of the fabrics. Good to know that they can just be sewn together without interfacing though! I bet it’s nice and soft!

  3. It turned out pretty perfect for your first go with knits on a quilt. A lovely substrate for a baby quilt for sure, congratulations on the finish. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2018 Finish-A-Long global hosts.

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