A mini Welsh blanket quilt

30 Sep

At the beginning of the quarter when writing my FAL list all I had to show for this project was this:

A number of years ago I wrote a pattern for the Caernarfon Welsh blanket design to make it a quilt:

The finished size is 68″ square and since making it I’ve wondered if I could make a mini version.  I knew to make it as accurate as possible I would need to paper piece it.  I drew up the pattern in Touchdraw and made a few sample blocks which worked.  So a stack of printing and cutting paper took place and then the cutting of strips of fabric to begin the paper piecing process.

It took a while, it wasn’t tricky, just time consuming!  I used fabrics from Libs Elliotts Wildside collection.

The grid print is ‘Fast Times’ and the moon print ‘Moon Age’.  I choose them for the small scale print as it adds a little something to it rather than just using solids.

With the original woven blanket there is texture in the and I like how the print adds a little texture to the quilt.

I can’t fact check on this at the moment as it’s my entry to the South West Modern Quilt exhibition that opens this week so it’s waiting to be hung.  I was short on time and so quilted in between the blocks to hold the layers together using Aurifil 2600 50 weight.

It finished up at approximately 28″ square so will just be used as a wall hanging somewhere in our house.

Now that I have finished this I am still wondering if I could make it even more mini but that feels crazy and would mean there would be more seam allowance fabric in the quilt than actual fabric on display!

So the question is do I release this as a pattern?  Is anyone actually going to want to make a mini Caernarfon themselves?  While I ponder that I’m ticking it off my list of finishes for this quarter.

2018 Finish A Long Logo 2

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4 Replies to “A mini Welsh blanket quilt

  1. It is lovely, and I really like the fresh colours. I still have it in mind to make the larger version, I’m not sure I’d like to go this tiny at this stage. Saying that, using a part of it on a pouch is looking rather lovely 😉 If you would write the pattern, let me know if you’d like another proofreading session…

  2. I think you had a very successful quarter, Mary. Thank you so much for participating in the Finish-A-Long!

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