Upcycling an upcycled item

29 Oct

I made these gorgeous trousers back in 2012 for B my eldest child.  My youngest grew out of them a while ago but insisted on wearing them despite being a couple of inches too short.  Last week I carried out a wardrobe audit with him and he allowed me to take them out on the basis that I promised to make them into something else.The cord came from a pair of my Fat Face trousers and was already fairly old:
Pile of trousers ready for upcycling

I was a very lucky winner in the quarter 3 Finish Along and won the Sew Sweetness Minikins bundle.  It’s something I’d looked at before but couldn’t justify the expense when I already have a number of pouch patterns; however I’m delighted to have it and decided to make the Trifle Tumbler in a large using the trousers.

You may be able to spot that I incorporated the mud stains on the trousers too – going for the authentic upcycled look.  If you’ve used any of Sara’s pattern before you will know how thorough and clear they are; these patterns also come with videos if you prefer to be guided that way or just need more of a visual prompt.

Aurifil 4182 was the perfect matched for the turquoise of the Echino scooters and a teal or peacock zip from a Zipperlane order was just right.  The guts of the pouch are made using G700 and automotive headliner foam so it’s pretty sturdy and almost a bit too thick in places to stitch through! I used some Wildside fabric leftover from my Caernarfon mini quilt as the green worked brilliantly with the Echino green.  I hand stitched the binding down on the inside of this pouch as there was no way was I going to attempt to fit it under on the machine and I discovered that Aurifil 1147 is the perfect colour match for this fabric.

I’ve ordered a bunch more zips as many of the patterns use a 14″ zip and as soon as they arrive I’ll be making more Minikins!  Thanks vey much to Sara for her generous sponsorship of the Finish Along.

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