Fixed jeans

5 Apr

Over time clothes wear out, some wear out in particular places quicker than others. This pair of favourite jeans had a hole in the crotch area so I put the repair of it on my list.

I used some denim from my scrap denim bundle and used embroidery thread to stitch and reinforce.

I then discovered that the other side was pretty thin too so I did the same there this time using Aurifil 28 weight (4669) Stonewash Blue which blends well with the denim.

I felt like I was on a bit of a roll so I decided to tackle Tobit’s Community Clothing jeans which had been damaged in a cycling accident last year.

I found some denim that was a good match to go behind and trim the damage. I pulled out my Gutermann topstitch thread that I use for denim; it’s that gorgeous gold often used on jeans. I sewed a blanket stitch around the hole and then embroidered the rest randomly.

I really enjoyed these repairs and have had other pairs of jeans that have had the same treatment.

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3 Replies to “Fixed jeans

  1. Visible mending is so fun! Congratulations on your finish on behalf of the 2019 FAL team.

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