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Sunday Stash

It’s almost the end of the year and I’ve not been fabric shopping but I was fortunate to win my choice of charm packs from Stiches N’ Giggles from the A Lovely Year of Finishes team of Melissa and Shanna.  I chose a couple of charm packs of Wishes by Sweetwater: Wishes by Sweetwater

The customer service I received from Lori was brilliant, and delivery from the USA was speedy.  I don’t know what I’ll use them for but it a great line with a lovely text print and some great colours.

Next up is a stack of low volume charms from the swap run by the wonderful Rachael of The Floral Suitcase, she did a great job of organising her first swap and yesterday I had this bundle arrive in the post:


I took 2 spaces in the swap so ended up with 2 of each print.  I have plans to make a low volume quilt next year, not sure what pattern I’ll use but these will be a great start.

Have you been stashing or are you waiting for the sales?

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Sunday Stash

Sunday Stash

Did you cruise the online fabric stores on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  Have you shared your booty?

I had a good look but nothing really tempted me and I felt great about not blowing money on fabric I didn’t ‘need’.  But then The Village Haberdashery had 25% off sale fabric and some fabrics ‘fell’ into my basket:


Ruby Star Sparkle cameras in 2 different colours – a metre of each

I am positive they will be great for something.


Ruby Star Sparkle – Ruby Stories, 1 metre

As above – great for something…

Last but not least a FQ of Modern Home Brick Wall by Jennifer Moore – I love this print and now wish I’d bought more, I think it could be used in so many projects.  And Uno Beaded Wave in Charcoal by Stof, a great low volume print for a project I hope to get underway next year.


Tomorrow is Sew Mama Sew giveaway day, I’ve got something special lined up so don’t forget to pop back…

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Sunday Stash

Do you have a curious nature?

At the end of September I bought a bundle of fabrics from Quilt Me Happy; prints from the Curious Nature by Parson Gray line:

Stashing Curious Nature

and some coordinating solids.

Kona solids

I’ve long admired the work of Parson Gray (aka David Butler), delighted to come across a line which was masculine but not novelty.

At this point I had a plan to make a quilt for my eldest brother (I have four brothers in total!) I’ve had a desire for a while to make a triangles quilt and this seemed like a good opportunity to carry that out.  I bought a 60 equilateral triangle ruler from Creative Grids, I’m sure I could have cut them using a normal straight ruler but I knew that it would be quicker and simpler to invest in a ruler and I’m really glad I did.

The layout didn’t take long, I decided to use the solids pointing down and the prints pointing up and laid all the blocks out on the living room floor, moved a few around and then piled them out ready to piece.

I really enjoyed the piecing, not so keen on the need to press each seam once sewn but my sewing space layout meant I could have the iron close at hand so it wasn’t the biggest hardship and the top was pretty quickly pieced:

Parson Gray

The backing possibly took me longer to piece! I had a stash of Nigella (Amy Butler) home decor weight fabric and thought it would work brilliantly for the back, once I pulled it from my stash I realised I didn’t have quick such big pieces as I thought so I did have to do a bit of piecing (and maybe a little stretching!).

Triangular Curious Nature - back

I quilted wonkily organcially approx 1/4″ either side of every seam line using Aurifil 2310 50 weight, it’s a fairly neutral colour and worked well with all the colours in the quilt. I bought a 15m roll of Super-Soft 70/30 Eco-Blend by Sew Simple and used some of it for the first time in this quilt. The quilt felt heavy while I was quilting it but some of that could be due to the weight of the home decor weight fabric too. The wadding seems denser than the Hobbs 80/20 that I’ve been using for the last few years, but it has a nice feel to it and the price of the Eco-Blend was good so I’m pleased that I made the investment.

Triangular Curious Nature

I’m amazed at how it looks from a distance. We went to the park on Saturday and Tobi went off and took photographs so I didn’t see it hanging up but was really surprised at the photographs, it looks a lot lighter than I was expecting and I love it.

Triangular Curious Nature

All I need to do now is label it and it’s all ready for gifting at Christmas. I had a stack of triangles left over, I hope to show you soon what I’ve done with them (although if you’re on instagram you might have already seen).

Quilt stats:
Pattern – made up as I went along
Fabrics – Curious Nature and Kona solids (specific fabrics listed here)
Binding – scrappy leftovers from yardage
Backing – a selection from Nigella by Amy Butler
Wadding – Super-Soft 70/30 Eco-Blend by Sew Simple
Quilting – Straight line by me on my Janome Horizon,
Size – Approx 60″ x 82″

Sunday Stash

I have a little bit of fabric to share with you this week, in theory it should be the last for a while unless someone gifts me some!

I’ve mentioned Fililis here before, in fact I said that they were closing their online fabric shop but the great news is that thanks to lots of people asking them not to close, they are keeping the ‘doors’ open. I had my eye on a couple of fabrics for the Low Volume Charm swap and quickly ordered them whilst the sale was still on:


A metre of both The Simple Life Dots in pink and Out to Sea – Ships Wheels in blossom.

Fabric stash

A FQ of Moda Solids in scarlet and a metre of Superstar Cheery Circles in grey

Fabric stash

A FQ of Running Stitch raspberry, 1/2 metre of Moda solids aqua (much more aqua than my photography skills show) and a FQ of Running Stitch purple

So I need to get my LV selection cut up and posted, the others will find a home in my stash for the time being…

It’s worth checking out Fililis if you’re in the UK or Ireland they’ve just introduced a flat rate shipping fee of  8.40 euros (plus vat) to the UK.

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Sunday Stash

Shhhhh (it’s a low volume charm swap)

We’ve just had a birthday party for our almost 9 yr old, she only had 3 friends over for a decoupage party:


It was still pretty loud, so I’m definitely in the mood for some low volume, which is no bad thing because Rachael over at The Floral Suitcase has decided to organise a low volume charm swap.

I’m in, I’ve picked my fabrics, head on over to Rachael’s blog post on it here to sign up and check out the flickr group here.

Hope you have a nice quiet afternoon.

Sunday Stash

I had a lovely fabric delivery on Friday which was a very cheerful delight in what had been an awful few weeks (more about that one day if I feel so inclined). So the latest addition to my stash is a lovely pile of flannels for me (6 metres of it):


I’m thinking pyjama bottoms for me ready for winter, especially following the success of drafting my own pattern and making a pair back in the summer. Laminate for something or other; bags, wash bags, lunch bags:

Laminate - Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille

I’ll try to get round to sharing with you a bag I made a few months ago with another Moda laminate, this is of a similar quality quite thick and matt – I like.  Oh and not sure if you can tell from the photograph but the laminate on this actually goes right off the edge of the fabric which is a vast improvement on other laminates I’ve had that finish an inch or so from the edge – made me feel a bit short changed. The Simple Life Dots in pink and aqua for my low volume stash; half metre of each;


And a FQ of Running Stitch just because there was room in the package! All these were from Fililis an online fabric store in Ireland which is sadly closing down and selling off all it’s fabric.  It has some lovely fabrics in stock so worth checking out, cottons are from £1.50 (approx euro conversion) per FQ.

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Sunday Stash
Why don’t you?

Sunday Stash

It’s been a good week for fabric stashing so I thought I’d share it with you. Tracey at Quilt Me Happy has decided to shut up her online shop and as a result is having a BIG sale.  I took advantage of this and bought half metre cuts of a number of Curious Nature fabrics:

Stashing Curious Nature

There is a FQ in there too that Tracey unearthed and a whole metre of the print on the left.  I’m now planning a quilt for my eldest brother.  He is quietly very amazing and has helped us out no end with the building work this year.  This is one way I can say thank you and I know he’s not adverse to lying on the sofa with a book and a blanket so a quilt can’t be bad.  I’ll keep you posted on progress.

I bought Kona solids to co-ordinate even though I’m not sure of the plan yet, there are a great range of Kona’s on sale from as little as £3.50 per half metre so worth checking out if you need to stock up.  Tracey helpfully pulled the colours for me as colour matching on a screen is never easy:


top – bottom: mid grey, ash ivory, olive, dusty blue

So they were the bargain stash additions this week, well that is until we come to the additions to my vintage sheet collection:

An early morning trip to the car boot sale last Sunday got me these:


And then popping into the charity shop on the way to school one afternoon I found these:


I am now struggling to fit all these into my vintage sheet cupboard so will really have to sort out FQ bundles for my Etsy shop.

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Sunday Stash

Share your stash (please!)

Don’t panic, it’s ok I’m not really suggesting that you share your precious fabric by physically giving some away but just share some photo’s.

Alyssa over at Pile O’ Fabric has a weekly post where you can challenge yourself to create a custom bundle from your fabric stash based on the colour scheme for the week. Then you can share a picture of your final bundle on the Stash Share post.  I’ve done it a couple of times but never got round to posting a photo.

I’ve not had a good start to the day (think smallish child, heavy lunchbox, reading books that are too easy – you get the picture) and when I got back from the food shop I didn’t know what to do with myself.  So I started looking back through Alyssa’s posts and pulling out fabrics:

Pile of Fabric Stash Share week 1

I must say I found it a really interesting and therapeutic experience.  It did however highlight what might be considered holes in my fabric stash!  I don’t have much dark yellow and not much by way of royal blues.

Pile of Fabric Stash Share week 5

I’m going to make a concerted effort to join in properly each week and will try and remember to share here too – fancy joining me?

Pile O' Fabric

A Lovely Year Of Finishes – August

My goal for this month was to make myself some pyjama bottoms.  I bought a flannel sheet from the car boot earlier this year and thought it would be ideal fabric for pyjamas:


I drafted my own pattern using a pair of shop bought bottoms. I like the idea of 1 piece of fabric for each leg but I don’t like how some tutorials show you how to draft a pattern and the front and back pieces are identical. So I cut a front and a back for each leg, the back waist ended up being higher than the front which is comfy for me.

One mistake I did make was to not add enough length to the legs for hemming so I just cut a 3″ strip for each leg and sewed them on and hemmed those. It turned out quite tidy with the seam being incased in the hem.

You don’t get to see a picture of me modelling these, the lurgy is still lurking in our house and too much effort is required for me to model them – sorry:


Next time I will lengthen the legs by 3″ to avoid adding the hem and I’d probably use a wider elastic in the waistband, I think I used 1/2″ and would prefer it to be wider maybe 1″.

So you will have to take my word for it that these were successful, they fit, they are comfy and yes I would use my own pattern again.  I wore them last weekend when we were camping and I didn’t wake up at any point due to being cold!

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My new sewing space

I thought it was about time that I documented my new sewing space, before it looks really messy lived in.  If you’re a regular reader you will have endured a number of months this year of me not having a kitchen, dining room or a space to call my own to sew in.

We’ve had building works going on, last week the builders were back in to ‘tidy up’ and  ’finish off’ (although in taking these photographs my husband spied a fair bit of mess left on top of one of the cupboards).

The result of all the work is that we have a light and airy back of the house rather than a gloomy one and a lot more space.  So I now have a sewing area.  It is a room that you have to walk through from the hallway to the kitchen/diner so it will have to stay reasonably tidy.

This was the view on Friday evening before I tided up:


I had started to make a bag and was also part way through sorting out my vintage sheet stash (which has been living upstairs) which is the reason for the clutter.

This is the view from the hallway (he took the door off for the photo):


The view from the corner by the right hand cupboard:


You can see that from this ‘aerial’ shot that it leads down to the kitchen/diner and then out to the garden.  At the top of this picture is a wide window which lets it lots of light but very little direct sunlight (you can also see it in the night time photo above).

What you can’t see from those pictures is the other side of the stairs which aren’t technically part of my sewing space but who cares?

New stairs - after decoration

If you want to know more about them and how I did it read this post.


My sewing machine sits on the yellow formica table that I found recently at the charity shop.  The leaves fold down so depending on how much space I need I have them up or down.  I can put them both down and put the table underneath the worktop and have it right out of the way if I need floor space.  (I also have a fireplace which is perfect for small children to sit in and suck thumbs).

So have you had enough of the tidy photo’s?

Here are some open door shots:

Vintage sheet stash

The top cupboard houses my vintage sheet stock which I sell in my etsy shop looking the neatest it has for a long time.  The bottom cupboard contains vintage fabrics (not sheets) that need sorting/rehoming and a bag or 2 of vintage sheet scraps.

The cupboards either side of the fireplace were made for us by a by a local craftsman a few years ago.  The cupboard to the left was removed during the building works due to the changes to the back of the house but my talented husband fitted them back in with some adjustments (the space was slightly smaller) once the work was finished.

The other cupboard

This is home to my sewing machine extension table, boxes of scrap fabrics (sorted by colour), a box of hardware (self cover buttons, trigger clasps, magnetic bag clasps etc) and zips.

You can just see on the wall behind the open cupboard door a hand printed linocut of goldfish bags with kissing goldfish by the talented Amy Friend of During Quiet Time.

Deep breath…this is the fabric stash cupboard:

My fabric stash

We found ourselves in a bit of a vicious circle, we couldn’t move the contents of one cupboard until the cupboard upstairs was empty of fabric and moved downstairs for all our crockery but we couldn’t move fabric until the built-in cupboards were empty.  Then I realised that we had this unit from our old kitchen that we weren’t reusing in the new kitchen so I could have it in my space, so I literally pulled out all my fabric from the cupboard upstairs and shoved it into this one – just to get things moving!  It’s a 60cm deep cupboard so the fabric goes back a long way.  I will sort it very soon and probably put it in the cupboard to the left of the fireplace.

Can you see that this is very much a work in progress?  At the moment that cupboard has an odd shaped piece of work top on it, it’s doing the job for the time being.  I think that I would like to keep the cupboard as it’s a great height for cutting so I have my eye on a table top from Ikea, it’s deeper than a kitchen work top which will give me a bit more space to work on.  If you have any tips and advice on work top sizes please tell me.  Ideally I’d like to be able to work around 3 sides of it so we might just configure the space differently but for now I am just so glad to be getting back to (a new sort) normal.

Sometime I may paint the room for now I have some things on display looking pretty including a gorgeous print of threads from Rebekah Leigh Marshall a localish artist whose work you can find in her etsy shop.


I also have a print of a Singer sewing machine by Rebekah which is framed and already hanging.

The wooden unit was a charity shop find and has been in the loft for at least a year waiting for the extension to be complete.  I’ll probably fix it to the wall and fill it with ‘things’ but have yet to decide where.

Also hanging up I’ve got some paper pieced blocks hanging up (I love picture rails) and 2 quilt tops waiting to be basted, quilted and bound.


The bad news is that there are a couple of big boxes in the loft of sewing patterns, books, notions etc that also need to be stored somewhere down here and a Horn sewing cabinet in our bedroom which I think will be leaving me as my machine is too big for it.  Oh and there’s my original Janome and my hand powered Singer somewhere around the house.

I hope you’re enjoyed the tour, hopefully soon it will be more organised and feel like home.  I’m linking up with the Studio Spotlight Series; go on over and have a nose through other people’s sewing spaces, some are huge, some have sewing spaces housed in a cupboard in the kitchen.