March check-in – Fabriholics Anonymous

March has been a good month.

I’ve resisted buying this:
Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 08.10.28

Can you believe that price? If you buy a yard it is only £3, so I think I get double points for not buying it. But if someone wants to buy me yardage for Mother’s Day on Sunday I really wouldn’t mind it arriving late ;-)

I did buy fabric this week, it arrived yesterday.  But it was an essential purchase for binding the quilt I’m making as a wedding gift for my brother and his wife.

Windmarks in Mirage from the Tule by Leah Duncan from Backstitch

I’ve bought vintage sheets too but that’s allowed:

Vintage Sheets - March 2014

I’ve also discovered that my local fabric shop has started stocking quilting cottons. Up until now it was great for decor weight, dressmaking and fancy dress type fabrics so never much of a temptation. Now they have some Michael Miller, Windham and Stof fabrics, it’s an interesting selection, here’s a peek of a little of it:


April looks like being a busy month with school holidays and a trip to London so there may be even less time for fabric window shopping!

I can’t wait to see how others have fared this month, I’m linking up with:


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Sunday Stash #8

Back in January I was fortunate to win a $50 gift certificate from Sew Mama Sew for the Canadian fabric store Mad About Patchwork.  Imagine my delight when I discovered that they stocked Charley Harper fabrics!  To be honest I’d be lusting after them but couldn’t justify buying them even before my fabric fast!


I’m not sure I have a favourite:

October Edibles

But I am delighted to have them in my stash and so is my 9yr old!  Maybe the Easter holidays will give us some time to plan a project for them.

Cardinal Patch

Because I’ve signed up to Fabriholics Anonymous this was all quite exciting for me, but I wanted to make sure that I didn’t spend over the $50, so browsing the site to see what else I could spend my last few dollars on I came across this:


Amy Butler, Lotus Wallflower in cherry, not sure what I’ll do with it but that doesn’t matter! I love it, I loved it when it came out but didn’t buy any, so as a treat just for me I added it to my basket, spending just under $50 and paying the postage only.

I believe that shipping from Canada to the UK is pretty expensive so to keep costs down Pam offered to send it surface mail which meant it took about 6 weeks to arrive, but it was fun, I’d put it to the back of my mind and it was a wonderful parcel to open in the middle of a fabric drought!

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February check-in – Fabriholics Anonymous

Time for a review of February’s fabric acquisitions…

A whole lot of vintage sheets:


Fortunately these are allowed as without them my Etsy shop would close and I would have no money to spend on fabric holidays.


Some from the charity shop and some from the car boot:


All quite lovely and being chopped up for sale:


I had a little bit of a mishap and bought this:


It was from the car boot and it wasn’t until I got home that I realised it is not actually a vintage sheet but a gorgeous 33″ (selvedge to selvedge) x 120″ piece of brushed cotton/flannel.  It will be brilliant for pyjama bottoms or  quilt back and for 50p (US$0.83) you can understand why it was an easy mistake to make!

I have also acquired some quilting fabrics by the way of swaps. These were from Pennydog, I sent her Kaffe Fassett woven stripes in return:

Swap fabrics from Pennydog

And this bundle was from Lily’s Quilts in return for some emergency Kona White.

Swap fabrics received from Lily's Quilts

So another great month if you don’t count the mishap!  I’ve not been craving fabric, but I have ordered 2 metres of Botanics Widescreen for a quilt back, that too was allowed to make the quilt for my brothers wedding gift.  I’m pretty sure I’ve spent hardly any time browsing fabric shops online and have just deleted any fabric emails, newletters before reading about special offers etc, it’s given me more time to sew, more about that another day!

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Sunday Stash #7

A couple of weeks ago Lynne put out an emergency call for a couple of yards of Kona white that she urgently needed, I had a yard in my stash untouched so put it in the post to her the next morning.  In return she sent me some fabrics from her stash:


Oh yes that is Vintage Happy that you spy, I had seen that Lynne had been stitching up some secret projects with it and so I begged asked that if she had any scraps to spare could I please rehome them. I was happy to wait until Lynne had finished her projects and she sent me her leftovers and some other lovely fabrics! Well worth helping someone out in their hour of need! Thanks Lynne.

I think I mentioned that I’d also swapped some fabrics with Kerry and here is what she sent me:


A vintage sheet piece in a gorgeous colour, some mirrorball dots, skulls, dogs, hippos and spots.  I have secret plans for some of them – I’ll show you if I ever manage to pull them off!  Thanks Kerry.

I did go to the local Craft4Crafters show last weekend and there weren’t many stalls selling fabric so temptation wasn’t great but I did purchase some zips from Little Laura’s Haberdashery:


The zips were much cheaper than I’ve seen them before, they had them in the V&A shop last summer for £5 each! One was for Jo so that cuts my spending down again!  I’m hoping to find time soon to add them to the outside of some pouches.

So while my Fabriholics Anonymous pledge still stands I have managed to acquire fabric to add to my stash!

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Not Sunday Stash

If you use Instagram it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that there is something happening tonight called #greatukfabricdestash.

Basically it’s an opportunity to get your hands on more fabric for a price, it might be great value, it might be rare and there might be fighting and heart attacks if you want Heather Ross (none of that here though).  Here’s a peek of what I’m destashing:


Books and precuts:


Fat quarters, half yards:




There is even a little bundle of fat 16ths!




If you want to join in here’s the plan taken from lovestrawberrypatch IG feed:

Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 12.23.10

My pile of stuff is all ready but I’m not buying as yesterday’s exercise of sorting through my stash reminded me of what and how much I have! Oh yes and there is the small matter of Fabriholics Anonymous!

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Gifts for Jo

Last week a good friend of mine Jo celebrated a milestone birthday, she’s someone you might know and blogs over here.  I knew her before she really started sewing so she might blame me for her addiction but I can live with that.

On Saturday night Emily, Susy, Jo and I went out for dinner to celebrate Jo’s birthday, we had done some secret sewing and presented her with this:


Call it what you like; a table runner, mini quilt or wall hanging.  We each made a block reflecting some of Jo’s interests.  If you didn’t guess, Emily made the bike book, I stitched the sewing one and Susy the cake (pattern from Patchwork Please).

Photo’s nicked from Jo’s IG

Susy very kindly took delivery of the blocks and put them together, quilted and bound – thanks.

For a while I’ve wanted to make a lone star, I was again reminded of this during the Cushions for Christmas blog hop.  I thought that I could make one up and turn it into a gift for Jo’s birthday from our family.  So the week before Jo’s birthday I printed off the pattern (free here).  Bethan helped choose fabrics from my scrap boxes that we thought were ‘Jo’ and I got stitching.  Like me Jo has 3 children and I know how grubby things can get so rather than use a white background fabric I used a grey which also felt like a Jo colour!

Lone Star cushion

There are scraps in there too from Catrin from a swap I joined.

Lone Star cushion

I machine quilted around the star using Aurifil 2530.

After thinking that I didn’t have an invisible zip I was trying to get my head into gear to put in a concealed zip (across the back with a flap over rather than invisible in the seam) when I searched again and the invisible zip became visible – phew!

Lone Star cushion - back

On Sunday morning our family went to Jo’s for breakfast along with another family, something we try to do fairly regularly and the girls were very keen to give the present.

Lone Star cushion

And here she is ‘modelling’ it (also nicked from her IG):


A really satisfying paper piecing project, I see more of these in my future!

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Drumstick case commission

Back in November my friend Rachel said that she would like to commission me to make a drum stick case as part of her eldest daughter’s Christmas gift.

Once she had bought the new sticks she came round to talk about what she wanted. We pulled fabric, choosing some Amy Butler home decor weight for the outside (Water Lotus Spinach) and inside flap (Water Lotus Ivory), for the pockets we chose Cuzco (peacock prints in fuschia). The other interior fabric was supplied by Rachel, she’d searched online to see if there was a fabric with the same name as her daughter and had bought a fat quarter of Mia in Pink by Tilda!

Mia had an idea of what she wanted for her sticks and Rachel brought a couple of drawings which I used as a starting point along with the pencil roll pattern that I have in my head.

Rachel left the sticks with me as I knew from experience it is much easier to have the items to hand to check the fit as I sew.


I started sewing on the Monday morning and had finished by late afternoon, the day also included picking up my son from preschool and the girls from school and the usual household chores so all in all it was quite a quick job. I don’t think Rachel could quite believe it was done so quick but when I have a job to do I treat it as a priority and have to get it done!


I made 5 pockets as requested, enough for 5 pairs of sticks or other drum things that I can’t remember the name of!

The case rolls up and ties wrap around to keep it closed. I lined it with quilt batting to give it some stability and give some protection if dropped.


Mia also asked for a loop to hang the case on while she is playing:


As with most commissions I take on it was fun to make and lovely to work alongside someone who takes pleasure in choosing fabric too!


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Sunday Stash

Here it is then the first Sunday Stash of 2014 and the last Sunday Stash from me filled with new fabric.

The fabric here today was all purchased in 2013 so before I committed to a fabric fast.

Just before Christmas I won a $50 credit to Fat Quarter Shop from the Cushion for Christmas blog hop, my lovely Greetings from Antarctica cushions got the most votes for favourite cushion!  I was delighted!

Snowy, Pebbles and Pete

It also meant that I could buy fabric for my brothers wedding quilt. It gets better…Fat Quarter Shop have a 12 days of Christmas event where a different item is discounted each day. It happened that Art Gallery Fabrics were 50% off one day so I quickly grabbed a FQ bundle of Tule and a half yard cut of all of the other fabrics in the line:


It wasn’t a random purchase, my brother had already pointed out this line to me as something he really liked (he’s a designer/maker and his wife to be is a doctor and she was more than happy to leave the colour selecting to him!).

To fill the envelope I added 1.5 yards of Essential Dots Black on White for a project I have up my sleeve for later in the year, it was on special with 20% off, all that just for the cost of the shipping:


Alongside that is 4.5 metres of Kona Snow, Simply Solids had a 48 sale at the end of the year so I bought the solids I plan on using in the wedding quilt, not the most exciting purchase but essential and with 20% off not to be missed.

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Molli Sparkles

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Sunday Stash

The last Sunday of the year and I am grateful that I have fabric to share again!

When Pink Castle Fabrics had 30% off the whole shop a few weeks before Christmas I ordered myself some yardage for my Christmas gift from Tobit:

Christmas fabric stash

There was some Children at Play flannel left so I grabbed a couple of yards as I know it makes great pyjamas.  The spots are for a quilt project that I hope to get to at some point next year.

I’m delighted with the Fairy Tales print, it will be great for children’s projects and for the Books for Baby quilt if I make anymore.

Christmas fabric stash

Then there is yardage of Pam Kitty Recipes in each colour, I felt that while i don’t have a specific in mind for them right now I might regret not getting some while it was available and with 30% off it seemed silly not to!

So did you get any fabric for Christmas or are you checking out the fabric sales?

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Sunday Stash

It’s almost the end of the year and I’ve not been fabric shopping but I was fortunate to win my choice of charm packs from Stiches N’ Giggles from the A Lovely Year of Finishes team of Melissa and Shanna.  I chose a couple of charm packs of Wishes by Sweetwater: Wishes by Sweetwater

The customer service I received from Lori was brilliant, and delivery from the USA was speedy.  I don’t know what I’ll use them for but it a great line with a lovely text print and some great colours.

Next up is a stack of low volume charms from the swap run by the wonderful Rachael of The Floral Suitcase, she did a great job of organising her first swap and yesterday I had this bundle arrive in the post:


I took 2 spaces in the swap so ended up with 2 of each print.  I have plans to make a low volume quilt next year, not sure what pattern I’ll use but these will be a great start.

Have you been stashing or are you waiting for the sales?

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