Featured Item: Completed soft books

16 May

From this

to this

I’d forgotten quite how fiddly these can be, cutting all the pieces and then appliquéing them on, so despite Mathias being grumpy today I persevered and got them finished, here he is sat on my knee

looking quite pleased with himself.  Believe me it’s not easy to sew with a baby on your knee but it’s preferable to listening to him screaming!  I guess he’s now waiting to sink his teeth gums into them, Leah however appears to have decided which babies should have them and it’s not him!

What I really like about these ones are the different shades of denim in them, just adds a little something.  The only worrying thing is there is still an awful lot of denim in that bin liner, I could probably make a library!

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One Reply to “Featured Item: Completed soft books”

  1. enjoyed seeing the lovely things you arre making also the children displaying the things its good to see sewing coming back into fashion good luck to you Mary

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