Girls and their hair accessories…

14 Feb

With two girls in our house and one with particularly long hair we have a number of hair accessories.  If you have girls too you probably also suffer from never being able to find clips or bands when you need them, and certainly never anything that matches!  So, on my list of things to sew one day has been ‘something to keep all the hair accessories together’ and last week I had a request from someone else for one so I got on with it.  It’s based on the pencil rolls that I make but obviously without any pencils or pockets for them!  It also doesn’t roll so what am I saying?  OK, it’s the same pattern piece that I designed for the pencil roll – other than that the similarities end there!

So without further ado:

As you can see it has a place for clips and grips – pairs or otherwise! and a clever little other bit for securing pony tail bands/bobbles (I’ll come up with a technical name for this one day).

Here it is all folded up and fastened with a button and loop.  If you are wondering where the hairbrush goes, it doesn’t go anywhere (it’s not even ours and needs to be returned after a sleepover last week, it was the nearest one to act as a prop as no one could be bothered to walk all the way upstairs to the girls bedroom!).

I’m thinking this is maybe more of a travel accessory as you would have to know where it is in house to put your bands, clips etc away (I’m 99% sure that it wouldn’t happen here), but as the requester has just returned from 10 months in South Africa, a travel accessory may be the right thing!  Anyway, the girls are off to the birthday party on Wednesday afternoon and we’ll see what the birthday girl thinks!

I’m thinking I might make some more for sale, I’d love to hear what you think of this new item especially if you, like us find hair bands and clips all over the house.

I also think I’m going to make something similar to hang on the girls bedroom wall which will also have a pocket for B’s glasses.  There, I’ve said it now it may spur me on to do it!

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2 Replies to “Girls and their hair accessories…

  1. Love it Mary! You can tell that you have two girls! Its just what I need for our household! I would possible see if you were able to pop a small pocket in for those hairpins that I always use in my girls hair that just wouldnt quite grip onto the strips of ribbon. Also I would maybe see if you could pop a small piece of elastic in to hold my girls combs in place as I am always losing combs and it drives me insane!!!
    I love love love it!!! xx

    • Thanks Zoe, I’ll see what I can do…how long is your comb? The one we use here is too big to fit…and how long your hairpins? I’m serious and I love a challenge!

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