So pleased it’s Friday

30 Jul

It’s the end of the first week of school holidays and I feel like we’ve survived remarkably well, aside from laundry liquid being pumped out all over a shelf and a big pot of yogurt all over the kitchen floor AND Leah this morning, it’s been a goodish week!

This afternoon as a celebration of Love Parks week we (Park Life Heavitree) organised an Art in the Park afternoon, I say organised but what we did was provide boxes of chalk and asked people to draw a picture (on the paths) of what they love about the park.  So lots of amazing pictures were drawn, it was wonderful to see what everyone came up with and the conversion of grey tarmac paths into a stream of colour:

Two of our children got very dirty:

so we knew on the walk home it needed to be bath before dinner, but when we got in there was a note on the doormat saying a parcel had been left with a neighbour, so Bethan was despatched to collect it while I ran a bath.  It was something I was expecting…a parcel from Donna Flower who blogs here, she recently celebrated 6 yrs of blogging and held a giveaway and I was the one picked out of the basket!  Hurrah.

If you’ve not come across Donna before you really should go and take a look, she loves vintages textiles and runs her own online store, it is a wonder to behold!  You could spend hours browsing, quite possibly recognising fabrics or certainly being reminded of ones from your childhood.

Donna had not been explicit about what she was giving away, she described it as a bag of vintage goodies, I know the sort of beautiful items she has in her store so was sure it would be something lovely.  What I didn’t know was that she would do some research before sending the parcel.  So beautifully wrapped were 3 packages and a note from Donna saying that there was something for each girl!  Leah has already got into the bath and I was in the bathroom unwrapping, Bethan was so very excited and took her parcel and oohed and ahhed over it.  Here she is all ready for bed delighted with her treasures;

a vintage doll sewing kit, which contains a vintage doll and a selection of vintage scraps to make an outfit for her, a dinosew kit which looks lovely so we’re looking forward to some quiet time to do some sewing together.  Donna had obviously spotted the girls dinosaur t-shirts that I appliquéd nearly 2 years ago!  Also included was a little appliqued chicken button badge which has already been pinned onto her backpack!

Leah was quite exhausted and desperate for a photo shoot but a bit too tired to be sensible:

She took everything out of the dolly package, I’m hoping we haven’t already lost the buttons somewhere!

She didn’t know what to do with herself, swinging from grumps to delight;

and really quite cute;

Leah’s package was similar to Bethan’s, a dolly with different fabric and hair, a different colour dinosaur (phew!) and a house badge!

And then there were goodies for me:

A bundle of vintage fat quarters, a reel of gorgeous blue spotty ribbon, some red spotty ribbon, a card of lovely green boat vintage buttons which make me think of knitting little cardigans to put them on (except that my sewing skills don’t go anywhere near that level!) and a gorgeous applique badge.

Fat quarter bundle untied, I’ve not been a fan of hexagonal patchwork but suddenly with this pile of vintage fabric I feel inspired (but don’t think I need another unfinished project!) I shall carefully consider my options!

Thanks very much to Donna for this lovely package, it has delighted all the girls in this house!

P.S. You are right it is no longer Friday.  I was too tired last night to think let alone write so as Tobi has taken the children out on some errands and I have a fresher head and some peace and quiet now was a good time to get on!  There as always is more…

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