Wild animals

30 Jul

Wow 2 posts in one day – not such a tiring day!

You may have seen earlier the lovely Vintage Doll kits that Donna Flower so kindly sent to the girls, well today they decided that they would like to make clothes for them but I managed to persuade them to get the Dinosew kits out and make the dinosaurs as they seemed to be more straightforward.

I cut out the pre printed pieces and Bethan sat with me while I sewed them together. I did consider hand sewing with the girls helping but thought they might too quickly lose interest and it might never get finished. It was quick to sew up, the second one was even quicker as I knew what I was doing. The girls were quite happy to sit and stuff their dinosaurs, in fact Leah really delighted in it saying she wanted a really big one and kept stuffing and stuffing it!

Leah stuffing dino

Leah has named her dinosaur Jodie

Leah with dino

They had great fun in the garden after dinner this evening playing with their new toys, and Tobi had fun posing them for photographs:

Dinosaurs in the garden

Also out there was Mathias modelling his new bag.  On my list of Summer Sewing plans was a ditty bag for Mathias, both girls have one and use them quite a bit so I wanted to make one for him.  I used Amy Butlers Mr Bedbugs Ditty Bag pattern and a gorgeous selection of Michael Miller prints that I chose from Pinked Fabrics in the Dress a Girl Around the World giveaway back in March.  I had to be slightly creative with the fabric as I didn’t quite have enough and ended up using some Riley Blake All Stars for the pocket lining, it’s amazing how well some ranges coordinate when you need them to!

ditty bag

One finished ditty bag, I used a stiffer interfacing than I did for the girls bags and it therefore stands up all on its own!

up on the shoulder.

He’s quite a small boy for such a big bag, but that wasn’t going to deter him, arm up and strap onto the shoulder (oh look you get a peek of the Ta Dots in orange on the bottom)

arm up

Arm still up in the air, otherwise the bag will fall off!

arm still up

Surely it must be aching by now, but no he strides on, thumb in mouth!

M and ditty bag

Oh he is quite gorgeous!

The other creature discovered roaming wild in the garden was this:


and just to help you get an idea of it’s size, this is my hand!  We think it’s a Hawk Moth Caterpillar, if you’re able to be more specific about the type please let me know!

caterpillar and scale

If you prefer pictures of my adventures in sewing you may have to wait as it is the summer holidays and the children take priority but still make (in my opinion) quite nice photos!  Please bear with me, normal service may resume in the autumn!

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3 Replies to “Wild animals

  1. err, I didn’t pose the dinos – they ran off and hid in the long grass. It took me ages to find them, and then, well, lets just say, David Attenborough you better watch out…

  2. Your dinos are fantastic! What a great project idea for little visitors to your house. They’re super easy to just stock up and would easily occupy a rainy day.

    PS: Your kids are adorable and DO take make photos 🙂

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