Hello Kitty

6 Aug

I had one of those moments this week where I remembered that Leah had a birthday party to go to this weekend, we had already been into town once and there was no way was I going again so I needed to make something.  Leah told me that her friend really likes ‘Hello Kitty’ so not wanting to take her word for it I checked with the mum and yes Leah was right.  Coincidentally I had some scraps of  ‘Hello Kitty’ fabric left from this project last year.

Leah was desparate to wrap something up for her friend and was finding fairly random things; a dolly milk bottle, one blue pencil crayon and a sticker covered in sticky tape.  To dissuade her from giving these as gifts I suggested we made some Hello Kitty pony tail bands:

Leah choose each kitty and band and I put them together.

I’ve had a pattern that I’ve been wanting to try out for ages but not done so, it’s the Crayon Art Folio by Gingercake and in the new pattern she includes instructions for a Mini Art Folio.  I checked out the fabric needed and worked out that I had enough for the outside but not inside, so chose some other fabric for the interior and pockets.

I then realised that somehow or other I had run out of interfacing!  It was Friday, party on Saturday – what to do?  You see, the exciting news in our house this week is that Leah has learnt to ride her bike, so we’ve been out most days for a ride around the park but I knew if I said we needed to go to the fabric shop she would want to ride and while she has learnt to ride she can’t actually start herself yet and hasn’t mastered brakes!  There is no way that I could push Mathias in his pushchair and have any control over Leah.  So as Tobi came in from work at 16:00 I went out on my bike to the shop alone!  Bliss!

Tobit sorted dinner for the children and I sat and sewed and before bedtime the job was done!  How’s that for a quick gift?

This is the folio open with the flower fabric rather than Hello Kitty.  The pattern was easy to follow and quick to make, I can see myself making lots more of these especially when I think of all the fabric combinations I could come up with from my stash!  For photo’s of other great ones have a look in the Flickr pool.

In my box of stock I also had a purse so added that to make a little bundle of Hello Kitty gifts!  Happy Birthday Edith, I hope you don’t change your mind about Hello Kitty too soon!

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5 Replies to “Hello Kitty

  1. oh my. It’s so adorable. I think I may have to start loving hello kitty myself again! I have been trying to push it on my girls for years 🙂
    Thanks so much for the links. You did a beautiful job as always Mary! I wish i could ride my bike to the fabric store ALONE. that would be bliss indeed!

  2. What a lovely bundle of goodies! My little girl has spied them and now says she wants them 🙂

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