14 Sep

I’m stuck, I don’t know what to sew, what to create.

Yesterday was the same, so I presoaked and washed all my recent ‘vintage’ finds.

Tobit had a sort out in his wardrobe recently, I saved a couple of t-shirt from the charity shop pile.  I have a desire to learn to sew with knits and thought I could practice with these, so far I’ve not got on very well.  However I am good with a pair of scissors so this morning I have spent 5 minutes making this:

(please excuse the photo, 2yr olds aren’t great with cameras so I had to do it myself!)

A fringed scarf.  Inspiration and instructions from issue three of Mollie Makes.  Basically cut straight across the t-shirt below the armholes and then with the hem at the top cut straight up the t-shirt from the ‘raw’ edge to half way, do this all across the t-shirt (I cut through front and back at the same time).  So at least I can still follow instructions!

It is really warm and I’m still wearing it now!

I’ve also remembered a box full of something I started over a year ago – so I’m off to get on with that as it’s straightforward sewing and all ready to go.

Have you ever lost ‘it’, got stuck, felt uninspired?  I’d love to hear and know that I’m not alone!

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One Reply to “Stuck”

  1. Absolutely. It was the month of August for me. I couldn’t get my head around anything I really really wanted to make – feels kind of strange when it’s happening – lost. I took time out and didn’t go near my sewing machine. Looking back it was a great time for reflection on the past years projects and thoughts on what I wanted to do next. x

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