I’ve been winning and you can win too! – giveaway now closed

2 Nov

OK if you ‘like’ me on Facebook you might well be aware of my recent good fortune:

I won a $50 gift voucher on the 12 Gifts of Christmas blog hop at Little Big Girl Studio, the voucher was for Pink Castle Fabrics – I’ve spent it already (although I did spend ages choosing) and am just waiting for the fabric to arrive from the US.  If you missed the blog hop organised by Jennifer at Ellison Lane then I highly recommend that you pop over here for links to 12 great tutorials for gifts to sew, I’ve put them on my list and just need to find the time!

Dena Designs ran a contest on her Facebook page, it was just to submit a photograph of something made using her fabrics so I used this:

2 in 1 bag pattern - clutch

And then was delighted to read that I won 2nd prize!  It was great to win something based on skill and talent rather than just luck!  Which brings me on to:

Back in August I wrote a post about the Christmas Creativity Competition that The Sewing Directory was running.  To be honest at the time of writing I had no intention of entering, mostly to do with the fact that in my mind Christmas was a long way away, and Leah was just about to start school.  However, things change I had a little plan in the back of my mind to make something for Christmas and then with a week before the closing date of the competition I decided to go for it!

I wrote a tutorial for Christmas patchwork bunting and here is the finished item:


I’ll share the tutorial soon so you can make your own.

So, as I mentioned on my facebook page last week I feel like paying forward some of my good fortune.

I’m offering up 3 prizes and the winner gets to choose one from these!

  1. A bundle of 10 vintage sheet fat quarters – a random selection from my stash (although if the winner wants this they can specify any particular colours or prints).
  2. Car boot finds!
    More photo’s of vintage fabrics here.

  3. A mini crayon wallet of your choice – ideal for having in your bag to whip out anywhere your child is in need of distraction/entertainment, my girls carry them in their bags everywhere.IMG_9848IMG_9865
  4. A reusable grocery bag made from vintage sheets:
  5. IMG_9891


    These are great, I keep one in my handbag or under the buggy ready for those unexpected purchases (in my case in the charity shop!).

    Any of these would make splendid Christmas gifts, or you could even make your own gifts using the vintage FQ’s!

    So what would you like to win?

    To enter: I’d like you to jump up and down on the spot 10 times, recite your favourite nursery rhyme backwards and then leave me a comment telling me which item you would choose if you won and why.  Giveaway now closed.

    You don’t have to follow me, like me on facebook, tweet about this, blog about it – but if you want to feel free!

    I will ship internationally and will close the giveaway Wednesday 9th November at 9pm UK time.

    Good luck – someone has to win, it could be you!

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45 Replies to “I’ve been winning and you can win too! – giveaway now closed

  1. Hello my lovely! If I won I would choose the vintage sheet fat quarters fo shizzle, I’m frustrated by the internet fabric porn on your blog, I need me some tactile fabric lovin’ x

  2. Hi 🙂 If I won I’d choose the vintage FQ’s…simply because Im a bit green eyed at your luck in finding all the vintage fabric 😉

  3. Ha ha — I like your giveaway instructions 🙂 I would go for the vintage sheet FQs to make some holiday crafts (It really is time to get going on those, isn’t it???)

  4. well firstly my fav nursery rhyme is Miss Molly Had a Dolly – can’t do it backwards though…
    if i won i would love a crayon wallet for my drawing mad little girl! x

  5. “…rats elkniwt
    elttil elkniwt…”

    Ha ha! If I won I would LOVE the vintage FQs…the picture looks beautiful!
    Thanks so much for the chance! Lisa 😀

  6. You’re very generous to share your luck. If my name was pulled out of the hat I would choose the mini crayon wallet so that I could keep admiring your work.

  7. I love your bunting, especially the A/tree- great idea! Such a generous idea to have a giveaway too, I love your grocery bags!

  8. I would love the chance to win that stash of vintage fabric. I love fabric! I am addicted! So many things that could be made from it. Fingers crossed! Thank you for the opportunity. Sue x

  9. Mary!! You are sooo cute!!! I had to enter just so I could just up and down 10 times and figure out itsy bitsy spider backwards!!! Because I’m trying to use up my stash as we speak, I’d go for the mini crayon wallet! How cute is that??? My 9yo NEEDS one of those desperately!!! thanks for your email earlier today!! hugs!!!

  10. I would love love love the reusable shopping bag! and I would use it and reuse it a lot! In fact, I might ask for a man version for andy has he’s always coming home with tons of plastic bags!

  11. Hi Mary

    Loving your items. If I won I would love the FQ’s to make some goodies. I wish the charity shop you go in was on a high street near us, you always seem to find such great things. I must confess I too love scouring charity shops – you never know what you will find. Much better than shopping in souless town centre. xx

  12. You have had a lucky year! Thanks so much for the giveaway options! I’d choose the crayon wallet for my son who would love it (and it would help keep me sane when we’re out and about).

  13. Hi Mary! I had seen both of your wins!! Congratulations! I hope you will show us your fabric when it arrives!!
    If I was lucky enough to win I would choose the vintage sheets!

  14. If I won I would love the fat quarters. I just picked up 2 sheets from a charity shop and they are blue versions of the pink shopping bag pictured above! I want to make a dress from them but not sure if they will be too in your face.

  15. i would choose the vintage fabric stash – ive just had a baby girl and want to set to with making her something girly.. going out hunting for nice vintage fabric feels about a million miles away…!! and your blog is inspiring me to make her presents!


    • Hi if I was to win the giveaway I would absolutely love to win the vintage sheet fat quarters to make some patchwork cushions. Thank you.

  16. do you know, BaBa Black sheep is rather hard backwards, especially when you are jumping up and down! But then i’d jump through hoops for one of your goodies! I think id most love the fq’s as I have NO vintage stylie fabric in my stash and that definatly needs rectifiying! Thanks Mary 😉

  17. Congrats on all your recent winnings! I love everything you have posted and would be hard pressed to choose! I could always use vintage sheet FQs (oh what a soft quilt they would make) or a shopping bag…I have no little kiddos anymore but love the girly crayon wallet…maybe I could use it to jot down quilty ideas and hold business cards? At any rate…I’d be happy with whatever you sent…so surprise me! 🙂

  18. would love the vintage sheet Fq’s. fabric is such a passion and congratulations on the win. 🙂

  19. Wow what a fantastic giveaway! I am almost spoilt for choice – I love the idea of a crayon roll for some mummy friends of mine – but I think that if I were lucky enough to win I would go for the beautiful vintage FQs…so many possibilities!!

  20. I love the bunting, it’s so inventive of you, can’t wait for the tutorial. Thanks for the giveaway options. I’d choose the vintage sheets as I need some new ones – not for my bed but for a quilt I’ve seen over at ohfransson blog.

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  22. Well, thanks for the giveaway! I’m hope I’m the lucky winner 🙂
    If I won I would love the fat quarters, loves the vintage fabrics and I think it will make a beautiful vintage tote or bag 🙂

  23. Well I think I’ll have to give the jumping a miss right now, but I might be using that tactic in a few months to get these babies out! I’d love a crayon wallet as I think I might need all the help I can get soon with entertaining a certain little person!! x

  24. yours so lucky! i love when i win prizes…as giveaway!..the tote bag looks really cool..i love things that fold up!

  25. I like your bag that won the contest… I’d choose the shopping bag! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  26. Lucky you and how generous for passing some of the giving on. I have realised recently that i so need a reusable grocery bag in the bottom of my handbag for those spontaneous shopping trips. Winning it would be wonderful 🙂

  27. the reusable grocery bag made from vintage sheets looks fab! great giveaway x

  28. How fun is it to enter contests and even winning! Congratulations! I would love to win some vintage sheets or the grocery bag. Thanks for a chance to win.

  29. Wow!! You have been lucky! If I won I would love the crayon wallet. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. It’s good to know that nice things are still happening to good people (your wins!). I would like to win the shopper. I could continue to save the world one carrier bag at a time!

  31. Congratulations on your good fortune, Mary! I’ve had some myself and it’s such fun 🙂
    Your bunting looks fantastic! I adore your soft books too – I love popping by to see your latest creations, always so inspiring.
    As I’m fabric obsessed, if I were the lucky winner, I’d choose your vintage FQ’s to play with some patchwork. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  32. How fun! I’d love to win the mini crayon wallet; I especially love the red one. Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

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  34. I would pick the vintage FQ’s. I acquired a couple vintage quilt tops this summer that need some repair and could totally use these! Great giveaway.

  35. I’d love to win all of that lovely fabric! I’ve been dying to make a vintage sheet quilt, but don’t have any vintage sheet fabric at this moment. 🙂 Congratulations on all of your wins!

  36. I would love to have the vintage sheets. So many ideas of what to do with them. Thank you for sharing by paying forward, a cause I am a strong advocate of.

  37. I would love to receive the vintage FQ… They are lovely!
    Note: I have jumped 20 times on the spot, does it help? 🙂

  38. Congrats on all the winning, especially your prize for the Sewing Directory comp – I love your project. I would be very happy to win any of the prizes, but would probably love the fabric the best.. (of course).

  39. You are so inovative and I love your original ideas so I would choose your lovely crayon wallets so that I can drool over the design and my daughter can enjoy taking it to all the places where she needs something to occupy herself i.e. during big brothers piano lessson, big brother rugby training and big brothers swimming lesson. Life is such fun for a second cbild! Well it would be if she had a crayon wallet!!!!

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