A late Christmas gift

2 Jan

Happy New Year to you, I’d love to do a review of the last year, thoughts about the next but can’t really be bothered!  If you are interested to know what I did last year you can read about it here, and if you want to know about this year subscribe to my blog and you’ll find out soon enough!  Cop out?  YES!

I had plans to make a few Christmas gifts this year but they were scuppered by lack of time and then illness.  However once Christmas was over and I had time on my side I was still feeling ill,  too ill to go out but not too ill to sew.  One of the plans I had was to make Leah a tumbler cushion like those I’d made for Mathias:

Cars cushion (pillow)

and Bethan:

Monaco tumbler cushion (pillow)

I had a vague idea of fabrics I might pull for this cushion but they were nothing like what Leah wanted! I was going for some Tanya Whelan fabrics I’d been hoarding for over a year, some of which are here:

New fabric...

But Leah most definitely wanted a cushion just like the one I made for Mathias! So knowing my daughter like I do I decided to get on with it.  With the help of Go! Baby and Leah’s strong arms we cut a pile of tumblers, stitched them together and fairly soon we had this:


Would she have looked so happy if was made from those other fabrics? Probably not!


We had to ‘borrow’ a cushion pad from Tobi’s owl cushion but plan to get to the fabric shop very soon to get a larger pad to fill it out.


One happy girl whose little brother most definitely knows that this is NOT his cushion!

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4 Replies to “A late Christmas gift

  1. Think Leah has good taste and a clever Mum – though quite like the fabrics you had in mind!!!

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