Infinity and beyond

21 Feb

Just before Christmas I dreamt about selfish sewing, I daydreamed about having time to sew something for me, something I wanted to sew just because.  So I came up with a plan and then got sick and exhausted and gave up on that idea or at least put it away for a bit.

Then a couple of weeks ago I spotted that Saints and Pinners had a 20% sale and as I’d always coveted the Anna Maria Horner voiles I made an appointment to pop over and see them one afternoon.  I came away with this:

AMH Voile

AMH Voile

All super soft and beautiful. I wanted some flannel to go with it and ordered 4 yards from Pink Castle Fabrics, super quick delivery from the USA to here.

So the other night I made myself an infinity scarf (also known as as a circle/figure of eight/mobius). I cut 3 pieces of voile and pieced them together into a strip and then cut 2 pieces of flannel and sewed them into a strip too. Both strips ending up about 53″ long, I then sewed them right sides together down both long sides. I’ve never sewn flannel or voile before but I didn’t think too much about it and it seemed to go fine! I then turned it to the right side and pressed (only a bit though as I’m lazy when sewing for myself!), and sort of followed Anna Maria Horners instructions here to join the two ends together.  It worked great, I love it, I’m wearing is as I type as it is cold here today.


So that was a bit of selfish sewing…the next morning at breakfast both girls were admiring my new scarf and asked if I would make one for them, they started craning their necks at my fabric cupboards and I (being a mean mummy told them to wait until they had finished eating AND had clean hands!)

Bethan managed to pull out an Amy Butler flannel from the Love collection that I’d forgotten I had and Leah chose a random selection of some AMH and Riley Blake!  I suggested that we just went with the Riley Blake and she agreed.   I got Bethan to quickly try on my scarf before school so I could judge how long to make it.  I decided to make it pretty much the same size as mine, not wanting them to grow out of them!

By the time it was time to go and pick them up from school or in fact earlier as Bethan had a class assembly they were both finished!


I think they might have had the giggles, they were jumping up and down to keep warm, I chose a cold afternoon to photograph on but the sun was shining so I didn’t feel so bad! The scarf I made for Leah is made up of two flannels from My Minds Eye All Star collection (it might be All Star 2, I’m not sure), she doesn’t like ‘girly things’ and this was the only other option. She has worn it once or twice but last week Tobit was seen out wearing it in the park! So one way or another it will get used!

If you want to make your own check out AMH’s tutorial or for a smaller (it is smaller but still plenty big enough!) version this tutorial at Fancy Tiger Crafts is good, it uses a lot less fabric and is a similar size to the ones I’ve made.  Have fun  and keep warm!

Oh and if you liked my Valentines vintage patchwork panel I’d be delighted if  you would vote for it at Sew Bitter Sweet Designs in the Valentines Days Showcase up to Thursday 23rd February 9pm Pacific time.  Just click here and scroll down the page to number 5 and click on the like button underneath – as simple as that!  Thanks very much.

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