Fat Quarterly Retreat: Name Tag

17 Apr

In June I’m off to London for the weekend for the Fat Quarterly Retreat, I am excited, a little nervous and have a list of things to do in preparation for it!

One of things I signed up to do was to make a name tag for someone.  I didn’t know my partner and I had to start some stalking.  No pressure then…

I played around with a few ideas in my head and then came up with this (name blanked out as it’s currently a secret!):

FQ Retreat Name Badge swap

And here’s the back:

FQ Retreat name badge back

Once I’d finished making it I thought I’d better check the rules – whoops, lets hope the ‘name tag police’ aren’t out in force at the weekend.

It will go in the post this week – I hope it’s well received!

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7 Replies to “Fat Quarterly Retreat: Name Tag

  1. i love your name tag! your partner, no doubt, will love it too=and is very lucky=great job!

  2. Brilliant name tag. I found your blog via your post of the name tag in the FQ Retreat Flickr group. Great blog too.

  3. There were rules? LOL…. ooops… me either…
    Looks gorgeous! And with a much nicer finish than mine. I just wasn’t going well today.

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