Back on the Zakka bus – week 11

16 Jun

So I’ve had a few weeks off from the Zakka sew along, there was just too much to do before the FQ Retreat. This week I fancied a little sewing and this seemed like a good project.

The pouch in the book is made with tweed, I don’t have any tweed, not even any old clothes to cut up so I went for my trusty back up – denim. However too lazy to pull out my denim stash from the loft I grabbed what was in the cupboard removed a pocket from the back.

The hexagons I hand pieced the other evening on the sofa when I was too exhausted to do anything else.

I’m not convinced about the instructions for the corner pieces, the piece is not symmetrical but it wasn’t clear to me which way round the pieces went on, anyway their on and they look alright:


Elizabeth suggested adding tabs to the ends of the zip but I didn’t bother with that and the zip went pretty smoothly.


No picture showing the lining but it’s a great bit of red and white polka dot fabric.

If you fancy a go, it’s a lovely project, I like the combination of hand sewing and machine sewing, it’s pretty quick and easy.  I can’t promise I’ll be sewing along next week as I’ve got a craft fair coming up that I need to get sewing for.

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4 Replies to “Back on the Zakka bus – week 11

  1. Mary…I have missed your versions of the latest projects but you have not let me down with this gorgeous little number.

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