Why I made quilts for Siblings Together

2 Jul
Swim, Bike, Quilt

So the 100 quilts for kids blog hop has started with Lily’s Quilts and Lynne has written here about how she became involved in Siblings Together and Delma founder of the Siblings Together shares her story, I would say this is highly recommended essential reading.

Quilts for Siblings Together

Lynne has encouraged folks who have helped out with the Siblings Together project to share why we got involved. So here’s my contribution.

I remember back at the end of March reading Lynne’s first post about giving something back and not being instantly moved to do anything, but I mulled it over in my head that week and the more I thought about it the more I knew I had to do something.

Sherbet Pips finished quilt

I grew up with 4 brothers (yes, lucky me) and like siblings do, we argued and fought but mostly we got on alright. Now we’re are spread about the UK and one in Germany, we’re not really close, but when we get together we get on.

Boy Quilt for Siblings Together

But oh, how things change when you become a parent.  My children are the most precious things I have (yep even beating fabric to the top of the list), the thought of them not having each other due to circumstances beyond their control is heart breaking. They are still little, 2.5, 5 and 7 years but they look out for each other so much, at school, in the park, wherever they are they are always full of concern for the others. If one of the girls cries Mathias will go over and pat them and say ‘whats the matter, it’s ok, it’s ok’. Just thinking those thoughts made me want to make a quilt that would bring comfort, hold memories and be something special to treasure for a child who has, through no fault of their own been separated from a brother or sister.

Sew Cherry 2

So I planned, cut, sewed and organised others to sew and made 5 quilts.  I took them to London with me to hand over at the FQ Retreat, and my lovely youngest brother welcomed me into his home for the weekend and came with me on Sunday morning to carry the quilts (I had bags of other stuff) just reminding me of the importance of family.

Quilts for Siblings Together
There you have it, my little story, nothing amazing just a desire to do something good for someone else.  I hope that it too may encourage you to get involved in any way that you can, for Siblings Together or another project close to your heart, there are plenty out there.

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9 Replies to “Why I made quilts for Siblings Together

  1. They are all so gorgeous too!

    I wish my 2 boys (6 & 8)would look out for their younger sister but they both have autism spectrum issues and empathy does not come naturally. So I have to teach them a kind of script for when she hurts herself – “Are you ok?” “You poor thing” “Show me where you are hurting” “I bet that hurt”. It sounds very fake at first (and a bit mechanical with the hugging) but now they are looking a bit more natural with it.

  2. The quilts look wonderful, and what a fantastic amount to be able to donate!! The kindness and resources that have been given by everyone is just amazing!! Well done!!

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