Soft books for babies – George and Grace

30 Jul

A few weeks ago I had a stall at a market in a nearby village, it’s a new venture for the village and I was more than happy to support a community event.  A bonus is that we have some good friends who live there, one of the families moved there after living next door to us for 5 years, so it was lovely to spend some time chatting with them!

Anyway one of my lovely friends commissioned me at the market to make 2 soft baby books, so I’ve been working on those over the last week.  I really have to be in the right frame of mind to work on these, they are quite fiddly to work on but once I get going it’s good fun.

I put a request out on facebook for suggestions for some of the letters for the book, thank you for those who came up with ideas.

Here are the finished books:

Soft books for George and Grace

Soft book for George

Now George was a bit of a tricky name with 2 g’s and 2 e’s. But as you can see I managed.

Grace was fairly straightforward except for the fact that I much prefer working with 6 or 7 letter names – they fit well onto 8 pages and make my life easier! So to get round this little issue I put a large G on the first page and the giraffe opposite:

Soft book for Grace

I went to bed last night with George finished and Grace very nearly done, so I sent my friend a message to let her know they would be completed very soon. This morning my youngest was awake and lively at 6:15 so rather than wrestle with him and try and convince him to go back to bed/sleep and risk him waking his sisters, the two of us crept downstairs. While he was quietly eating a bowl or 3 of breakfast I got on and finished off the book for Grace. It was definitely worth getting up early, but I don’t want to make a habit of it.

As the books were finished my friend came over this morning to pick them up, fortunately she was delighted with them and I was able to have a cuddle and giggle with the very gorgeous 4 month old Grace who now has a lovely book to suck and chew.

My husband is on holiday from work for 2 weeks so I may well get some extra sewing time in or I might not do any at all – watch this space.

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