I don’t know what to do

14 Sep

That phrase has been going over and over in my head for the last week or so.

I finished the secret piece of work and because of number of you are impatient and maybe even nosey curious so I’ll show you a sneak peek:

Top secret - sneak peek

I completed another secret project for someone else and then I was stuck. I want to get another quilt started, I need to get making things for Christmas fairs and presents, I need to get ready for the workshops I’m teaching later this month. But still no inspiration came.

A couple of weeks ago Johanna wrote that she had a load of scraps she wanted to get rid of just for the cost of the postage, so I said yes, and not long afterwards a large shoe box arrived stuffed full with a lot of lovely scraps:

Gorgeous scraps #1

Gorgeous scraps #2

Bethan and I spent a few hours sorting through them and putting them into the right colour box.

Last night I started pulling out pieces and cutting them into 1.5? x 5.5? strips ready for a strip quilt, inspired by Rita’s one here and Cindy’s (in fact Cindy and I did some fabric scrap swapping with quite funny results!). I almost have all the strips cut just from scraps in my boxes.

So at least I am now doing something rather than dwelling on the fact that I’m doing nothing. Oh and I also made an infinity scarf for my wonderful husband:

Infinity scarf

I used the same Riley Blake flannels that I used in the one I made for Leah, I made it slightly longer but not much. I’m struggling to find any masculine flannel or voile which would be suitable for this sort of project for a man, I’m looking to find something that isn’t novelty – any suggestions gratefully received, especially as someone is trying to wangle another trip to the US and I could make sure it includes fabric shopping.

Tobit was quite pleased with the finished project and despite it being a sunny afternoon in September he offered to model it for me!

Infinity scarf

So at least someone is ready for the cooler weather!

My fingers are definitely crossed for a productive week.

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4 Replies to “I don’t know what to do

  1. Oh, now I might be able to help there! I’ve been looking around today for voile and flannel and there’s a couple of places here in the UK with just solid colour voile, plus the Village Haberdashery has ‘nursery flannel’ which is actually tiny white polka dots on 4 different coloured backgrounds. I picked some of the flannel up to make myself an infinity blanket thing for my trip to SS

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