Vintage fabric finds – September (and a swap heads up)

5 Oct

Despite the fact that September was a wet month and there wasn’t a lot of fabric hunting going on I still managed to end up with quite a haul:

Vintage fabric finds - September

This has got to be the wackiest sheet I have ever seen:

Vintage sheet - pixes, tortoise, mushrooms

As first glance it just appeared to be a pastel floral sheet and then I noticed the tortoise and then the pixie/elf girls – really quite extraordinary.

The manufacturer is Dorma, if any one had one of these sheets as a child I’d love to hear about it.  I bought it from the charity shop on the way to school one afternoon and I showed it to one of the mums, she said it was the sort of thing that would have given her nightmares as a child and I’m sort of inclined to agree!  The print is large so no good for charm squares, in fact I have no idea what I might do with it!  I’m not sure using as a quilt back is the answer!

This item is actually a tea towel, I love the print and it would be awesome as a sheet if not a little loud!

Vintage tea towel

I wrote last month about the vintage fabric swap I did with Veronica and have been thinking about organising a vintage sheet FQ swap in the UK.  I’ve watched the US ones with envy so encouraged by Judith I thought I’d set one up here in the UK.  This is really a bit of a heads up to get looking for sheets, we’ll do the swap in the new year so it gives you time to nick them off your granny’s bed find some.  If you are interested in taking part I’ve set up a flickr group here so please go and join.  You will not need to have a wide selection of sheets one could be enough!  More details to follow in the flickr group.  Happy hunting!

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5 Replies to “Vintage fabric finds – September (and a swap heads up)

  1. Oh wow – I had the pixie bedding…… In deep purple….. And it’s still in my airing cupboard. I’ll join the vintage swap, but there is no way I’m cutting those pixies up. I’ll put a picture of it on my blog when I’m home!

  2. I never see sheets like those, it’s all a bit too Egyptian cotton or nothing round here!

  3. I’m a little bit amazed by all this finding of sheets in charity shops. Until Judith said about it I had no idea you could get them. Then someone else said to me – you need to look with the curtains and I thought hmmm they have curtains?

  4. I love vintage fabrics and trawl charity shops looking for items just like this gorgeous sheet and tea towel. I would love to be part of the swap so will keep a look out.

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