Holiday Lane Pillow

21 Nov

Today is the start of the Holiday Lane Pillow blog hop:

Jill Findley from Jillily Studios is the designer of this pillow pattern, Pauline from Quilt n Queen is the hostess for Holiday Lane, and Madame Samm from SewWeQuilt is the QUEEN OF BLOG HOPS, who comes up with amazing ideas and giveaways.

I signed up for the hop back in September without really thinking about what fabric I might have available to use.  A couple of weeks ago I’d scheduled some time in to make this pillow and wasn’t going to spend money on more fabric.  But a friend of mine had donated 3 (or maybe 4) pairs of old jeans knowing that I like to do a bit of upcycling so I decided to use a pair of these in my pillow (thanks Martin).

I had a rifle through my fabric stash and pulled out some Summersville (Lucie has it on sale in her shop right now), a spotty fabric from the Quite Contrary range by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake and another spot:


I like how it’s turned out, I like to think it’s maybe a bit of a funky street somewhere!  The children can’t wait to use it!


I did a bit of FMQ messing about really and trying out the functions on my machine, I used bondaweb too for putting the snow on the roofs and the windows and door on.

As often is the way I adapted the pillow to suit my needs.  The pattern instructions are to encase the pillow but the thought of not being able to wash it with 3 small children in the house was not good.  So I made a two piece back incorporating the back pocket of the jeans.  Not sure what the pocket will get used for hopefully not snotty tissues!

I used the automatic buttonhole function on my machine for the first time – it’s brilliant and makes me want to put buttons on everything!


Oh and the inner is made from some leftover curtain lining stuffed with scraps from my scraps bin!

So go on hop along and see what these other people have made:

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74 Replies to “Holiday Lane Pillow

  1. hi Mary…great pillow…love the details…love to include it on pinterest…but I could not…if you would like…add it to your pinterest board..and I will add them from there ok..

  2. You have made my day. Nothing better than a great laugh over the snotty tissue comment. Boy does that bring back all those lovely memories!! LOL!! Your pillow is so bright and cheery, I bet there will be kids fighting over who gets it next!! 🙂

  3. Great pillow! I never thought to use my fabric bits for a pillow for me, just thought to use them for a dog bed! Duh! Thanks for the eye opener!!!

  4. Love the back! Probably should admire the front (and it is so sweet) but I had a spark of joy at the back. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love everything about it! It’s brilliant! Love the colors/fabrics, and that it’s washable (especially). 🙂

  6. Very cute, I really like the fabrics, so merry and bright!
    The button back with the pocket is cute too (makes it reversible)>

  7. Brilliant upcycling- the denim backing for the pillow is a great idea! Love your fabrics for the houses and trees too!

  8. Such a great use of what you had in your stash and I love how you used the jeans. That pocket is adorable! Thanks for sharing your sweet pillow with us!

  9. Good Morning Mary, I love how you gave your pillow…a modern look…it is jolly and bright, perfect for a festive Christmas pillow. Great fabric choices!! Reusing the jeans is a brilliant idea. Thanks for your commitment and for sharing your time and talents in the blog hop. Happy stitching, Pauline

  10. This is marvelous! I adore the colors and the button back with the pocket. Excellent idea as pillows never come out of the wash they way they once were…
    thank you for sharing today

  11. Nice pillow! I like your fabrics and the pocket on the back would be a good place for the TV remote. Great upcycling!

  12. The pillow looks brilliant Mary!! I love the Summerville in it and with children in the house pockets are needed everywhere, as well as being washable!!!

  13. I love this blog hop so far. There is sew much talent that is being shared. Thanks for being part of it.

  14. Funky maybe but so cute! I love the bright colors and the “up-cycling” with the jeans. I agree that pillow covers just need to be removable and washable. Thanks.

  15. Wonderful looking pillow. Yes, I’d have to have a way to wash it too, even without 3 kids in the house! good job!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  16. What a beautiful pillow and putting the denim on the back is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  17. A jean pillow was an excellent idea, and the colors you chose make it look like a peppermint/spearmint treat!! My favorite winter flavors!!! you will giggle when you seen what I am planning on……., hopefully it turns out 🙂

  18. I really like the way you used jeans for your pillow! The pocket would be a perfect hiding place for a small gift for that person who just has to snoop under the tree! You did a great job on your village pillow!!! Thank you for participating and sharing with us.

  19. Love the denim idea especially the back pocket. Perfect for little kids. Very cheerful village.

  20. I just love that every street today is different. Yours is very modern. Love that you are embracing the old quilters values of upcycling and making do with what your have. Great pillow.

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