It’s snowing at last

23 Jan

While the rest of the UK appears to have been blanketed in snow for the last week we’ve not had any.  Travel 2 or 3 miles out of the city and I’m told you’ll find some, but this morning it is snowing.

So now seems the ideal time to show you a particular finished project.  When I was sewing it last week, Bethan did ask me why I was making it now as Christmas had gone.  I did point out that January was more likely to be snowy than Christmas despite what Christmas cards and marketing campaigns might suggest (I didn’t actually say that last bit to her!).

First a bit of background, the lovely Joanne who blogs at Rose and Dahlia had a giveaway to celebrate her 100th post and I was the lucky winner of this delicious bundle of goodies:
Gorgeous giveaway gift

All contained in a gorgeous bag made by Joanne from the Ruby Star Wrapping book.  Thank you so much Joanne, it was a delight to receive.

It arrived a little while before Christmas but I didn’t have time to create anything.  A few weeks ago I saw that Threadbias were hosting a sew along using the book.  It’s a year long sew along with projects picked for each month, they’re not all Christmas projects but it won’t hurt to be ahead of the seasons!

So for January the project is the Greetings from Antarctica cushion (and yes I know that polar bears don’t live in the Antarctic), there are 3 different options for this, I picked the hatless penguin:

Greetings from Antarctica

I have very little embroidery experience but managed to add a few snowflakes to the front one evening.

It’s a paper piecing pattern which I don’t have a great deal of experience with but I managed it ok. The little penguin on the back seemed much easier to do maybe because it the same pattern just smaller or maybe because Bethan and I did it together on Saturday afternoon!

Greetings from Antarctica

The back of the cushion has a zip hidden by a flap, I’ve not done one this way before, preferring to go with a concealed zip but as this cushion has binding on my brain couldn’t work out how to do that with a concealed zip.

I liked this pattern, I think I will make the polar bear and penguin with a hat so that the children have one each, not sure when they will get done…

One note of warning I have seen that there is errata for the penguin with a hat, details here.

And in the time it’s taken to write this post it hasn’t stopped snowing, but it doesn’t appear to be settling so it’s not looking remotely like the Antarctic (or Arctic for that matter).  I hope you’re managing to stay warm (or cool if you’re in the southern hemisphere!)


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8 Replies to “It’s snowing at last

  1. He looks brilliant!! The embroidery is perfect.
    I just posted on my progress and am hoping to finish it this afternoon!!
    Our snow is very slowly melting but i’ve spotted a few stray snowflakes that I hope don’t settle!!

  2. I drove through a proper snowstorm about 10 miles up the motorway this morning! Back into town, and there is only rain. Sigh. Penguins look fabulous 🙂

  3. I absolutely love that wee guy, and pinned him when I first came across him ages ago. One day I’ll get to it! In the meantime, we’ve had about 1/4″ of snow the last 2 nights, but that’s it…

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