Scrap swap

7 Feb

A week or so ago I had a message from Ashleigh who blogs at Ickle Tomato Handmade asking if I would be interested in a scrap swap.  Someone else’s scraps are always interesting so I had a sort out and sent her an envelope weighing just over 400g stuffed with this lot:

Scrap swap

And this is what I got in the post a few days later:


I asked for any purples and oranges as my scrap boxes are low on those, I forgot about yellow but happily there were quite a few in there and I could do with some of those too:


The pieces I sent Ashleigh were generally bigger than mine but she said that anything more than 2.5″ square would be fine for the project she has in mind.  I’m just hoping she’s happy with her parcel!

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4 Replies to “Scrap swap

  1. Scrap swaps are always fun as you’re right other peoples scraps always seems more fun! I think there are lots of us short on purples, oranges and yellows in their stashes.

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