Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away

7 Apr

*Big sigh* it’s been a tough week, it’s been very cold, the children have been on holiday from school and there have been builders working on the house.  By Friday I was pretty shattered but I had Saturday to look forward to and EmilySusy and I were off to the Spring Quilt Festival.  We had a wonderful time, we bought fabric, we didn’t fight over any but did make promises to split some bargain pieces, we talked, we laughed, we critiqued the quilts on show and generally had fun.  We didn’t get kicked out of the show but we were there right until the end when we met up with Katy and went out for dinner, Jo joined us too she’d be out to the show in the morning.  It was a real treat to get out without the children and forget about the mess back at home – thanks ladies.

And just because no post seems complete without a photo, here is some lovely fabric that arrived here last week (sadly with a customs charge):

AMH Voile

which made this seem a bit more bearable:

If I can summon up the energy I’ll have a couple of posts about finished quilts this week – hope you have a good week.

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9 Replies to “Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away

  1. I also had a delivery of fabric that I had to pay a customs charge … £11!! But hey, it’s a bundle of Amy Butler fabric, so it will be worth it when I go and collect it from the post office tomorrow.

  2. I had to pay nearly £16.00 customs and postal charges on a giveaway prize I won. The parcel was worth the cost but it still hurt handing over that much money!

    I’m glad you had such a lovely day and hope your batteries are well and truly recharged.

  3. Gosh I remember the horrors of having the builders in. My thoughts are with you darl.
    Glad you had such a fab day at the Show with friends and dinner. xxxx

  4. Good luck with the last of the children’s holidays, at least it looks like there is lots of progress on the building work!
    And your fabrics look gorgeous!

  5. Hey Mary, I’m getting a customs charge every time I get fabric from the states now (about 3 times in last 6mths), I can’t find any info on it, I thought it was random but now it seems it can’t be, wondering what your experience has been? It’s all been from the same shop. Hope your building work is nearly done!

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