Books for Baby quilt top

28 Jul

On Wednesday after a couple of days of paper piecing (which I’ll show you soon) I had a look at the Patchwork Please sew along project for the week and discovered that it was the Books for Baby quilt.  A few weeks ago I had decided that I would like to make this quilt in fabrics suitable for a boy and had pulled a pile of possible book covers.

It was the last day of school for the girls so my last day of quiet sewing with a small boy for company.  It didn’t take long for me to sew up this:

Book for baby quilt block

I loved the fact that I could fussy cut the text print AND that it complemented the book cover.  My only regret is that I didn’t use the orange print on the spine as well as the corners but I wasn’t about to unpick!

Spurred on by how quickly this came together I spent the evening cutting fabrics for 11 more blocks.  I’m not quite sure how but by the end of Thursday I had made all the blocks and pulled fabrics for the borders and sashing!  I promise I didn’t neglect my children!  We did a food shop, a puzzle:

puzzle girl

and they didn’t go hungry.

While I was selecting fabrics I came across a text print that said something about ‘falling in love with the robot maker’ so that had to go with the robot book (Madrona Road maybe?):

Books for baby quilt

I don’t think it’s that wonky in real life!

A book about bicycles, tricycles, tandems and trailers:

Books for baby quilt

And watch out this may have a snappy creature inside, don’t be fooled by the cute sea creatures on the cover!

Books for baby quilt

On Friday morning while still in my pj’s I sewed the borders around each block, then went off to my mum’s to fruit pick, coming home with most of this lot:


Once the children were tucked up in bed last night I continued sewing and managed to put the whole quilt top together:

Books for baby quilt top

For a seemingly complex quilt I am amazed at how quickly it came together, the paper piecing was straight forward and most of the fabrics for the spine and book corners were from my scraps box. Now I just need to decide how to quilt it – any suggestions? I’m thinking that for the first time ever I might hand quilt it as it seems a bit too special just to machine…

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18 Replies to “Books for Baby quilt top

  1. Sheesh, aren’t the kids self-sufficient on the entertainment front yet? 😉 And yes, the robot one is Madrona Road, love the ‘text matching’

  2. That is ADORABLE. And I love how you manage to get some Summersville crosshatch into most things. It’s like a little signature.

  3. How the flip did you find time?!! I did barely anything (except some bee blocks) I say hand quilt!

  4. I LOVE this quilt, Mary! It’s completely perfect for a boy, perfect and clever fabric choices – can’t wait to see it finished (can be of no sensible assistance re. quilting)!

  5. This is such a brilliant idea, and it looks beautiful. Are all the blocks based on real books?, the crafting community I’m part of, just added a quilting section, but there isn’t much in it yet. I’d love to see something like this over there! You should upload it if you get a chance.

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