Check-in time – yes I’m a fabriholic!

28 Jan

You may remember if you’re a regular reader that at the very beginning of the year I made a commitment to no fabric purchases.

To keep us on the straight and narrow there is a monthly check-in; time for reflection, confession (really?) or to weep at the thought of no new fabric.

Ok so maybe that was a bit dramatic, I for one have had a great month; I like a challenge and I have bought absolutely no fabric this month.  But there are ways and means; this dropped through my letter box one day:

stash from jojojo

Oh yes that is Mousey Mouse by Lizzy House (don’t you just love that rhyme?) and some Seaside by October Afternoon and Dear Stella – lucky me.  Or maybe I should confess that actually the very lovely Jo sent it to me for the Dress a Girl Around the World event I’m organising in a few weeks time.  I’ve said it now so I can’t just sneak this all off in to my own stash, there will be pictures of dresses before the end of February I hope.

I had an envelope of gorgeous squares from Fran after she put out a request for a swap for her economy blocks, I sent her a pile of squares too:


This weekend I found time to make my first block too.  In fact those lovely ducks are from the #greatukfabricdestash my friend Jo bought them as part of a scrap bag and I begged the ducks from her, in return she chose something from my scrap boxes.


On the subject of destash, I rehomed some of my stash last week on IG, it was so good to sort through my stash (it’s looking much tidier) and I hope that the fabric is off to responsible fabric lovers who will sew with it! (no pressure ladies!).

After the destash I also did a fabric swap of some of my unsold fabrics with Pennydog – I’m just waiting for mine to arrive. There are still some fabrics left in my IG photostream if you fancy looking.

So all in all a pretty great month for moving fabric on and new stuff – can’t wait to see what February brings!


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5 Replies to “Check-in time – yes I’m a fabriholic!

  1. Ah, I got all excited when I started to read and thought you’d fallen off the wagon – so that I wouldn’t have to feel guilty about telling you there’s a 2 day flash sale on at Fabric Rehab! Then I read the rest, and realised you’d been very good, and that I’ve been very bad by telling you about the sale anyway (*hangs head in shame & retreats*) Oops. (ps I think window shopping is okay. That’s all I did, honest guv) x

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