Sunday Stash #36

19 Apr

You may have seen Lily’s Quilts have a destash on IG this week, I’m fortunate to be living in the same country as her so when a bundle came up that I liked I jumped straight in.  It was this low volume lot:


I don’t know what all these prints are so if you have any idea please let me know in the comments below.

Flurry in cream by Dashwood Studio.

Feed Sack fabric from Feed Company by Sweetwater for Moda

I don’t really count this one as a low volume print as it has too many colours in it for me, but I’m sure it will get used for something:

This is by Daiwabo but no other info.

Spring in Paris by Elizabeth Studio (thanks Hannah)


Dear Stella Net in beige (thanks Lucy)


Also arriving this week was a new foot; it’s an edge stitch guide. It’s supposed to align edges/seams of fabric so that neat parallel edge stitching and topstitching can be achieved with ease.


What I noticed first is that where the bar clicks into the foot holder there is a 2/8″ gap so that the foot can move about on the bar, probably not the best way to achieve accuracy! Anyway I’ve used it this week while working on some crib sheets for commission and the results have been great. My attempts at machine binding a quilt has not been so pleasing, maybe I need to glue baste first.

I’m off to hand stitch some other binding down and I’m linking up with:

Molli Sparkles
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6 Replies to “Sunday Stash #36

  1. I’m not sure anything would make me like machine binding and hand sewing is my favourite part! Good to know about the accuracy of that foot. I think the third one down is Dear Stella net 🙂

  2. I managed to get some lovely fabrics in the destash too. I know what you mean about having difficulty machine sewing binding, I had to unpick some yesterday and am hand sewing it too. It does look better than machine sewn.

  3. As I was reading I was questioning why anyone would destash those as they are the type that would fit in anywhere. You scooped some useful fabrics !

  4. Those are great looking low volume prints. I recently bought 30 Feed Co FQs and have really no idea how I’ll use them (that’s very typical for me!).

  5. You got a gorgeous bundle in the destash! I managed to get some too 🙂 The postcards one I think is from a collection called Spring in Paris by Elizabeth Studio

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