More sleep?

23 Jul

You may remember that I made a pillowcase earlier this year for Bethan to take on her school residential trip, well Leah had her first school trip away from home albeit just a night camping on the school field. I decided to make her a pillowcase to take with her and then I also remembered that she did not have a wash bag and that I had made one for Bethan’s first school trip.

I pulled the pillowcase fabrics and cut them out one evening and then sewed them together the next day while Leah was out at a party:

Out to Sea pillowcaseI had not told her that I was doing this but she was delighted with the result. Out to Sea pillowcase

I was a little nervous that she wouldn’t like the fabric as it had pink in it and was the ‘girly’ version of Out to Sea by Sarah Jane Studios.

Out to Sea pillowcase - backBut she was absolutely fine with it and it was her little brother who had a melt down about not having a pirate pillowcase!  I then asked her if she would like a wash bag; I knew the chances of them actually washing were pretty slim but she would need somewhere to put her toothbrush and paste.  We went through the fabric stash and pulled out all the laminate fabrics and she chose Alphabetti in Coal by Lu Summers.  I used the open wide zipper pouch by Noodlehead in the medium size.   Untitled

I had just enough ripstop fabric for the lining which is a waterproof fabric and great for wash bags.  The zip end was a little tricky due to the not so flexible but quite thick laminate:

IMG_7052I made the bag up and later in the afternoon Leah decided she would like to colour it in using my sharpies: IMG_7050

I stamped some twill tape with her name and the purpose of the bag to attach to the zip pull.  She was very pleased with it, had a great time camping out and got very little sleep!


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