WIP Wednesday

29 Jul

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Phew, the children are now on school holidays and life seems to have taken on a more relaxed pace.

I’ve continued to work on my Wildflower EPP and decided not to make a huge (23″) cushion cover but to change the layout and use the blocks for the body pillow cover.  To make the most of the pattern I’ve designed new pieces to fit in the gaps and make it bigger:


So now I know it works I can get on and baste the other pieces before stitching them in.  We’ve got some long (for us) car journeys coming up so I might get a chance to EPP then as I’m not fit to drive.

As it’s the holidays and the children are out of school uniform there is a bit of focus on if they have enough clothes to wear without me having to do a wash too often.  It appears that Mathias could do with more than 3 pairs of shorts (especially as he is 5 and one pair are size 1.5 – 2 years!).  So this morning we cut and stuck a pattern together ready to think about fabric.

WIP shorts pattern

He  is quite clear that he would like a dragons and bats on one pair – he’s seen a pair his big sister has, I think I might have enough of that fabric left to use as a pocket,

I have a none sewing WIP too, we’ve been having a bit of a sort out in the house and had the hallway, stairs and landing plastered and have now almost finished the decorating.  We’ve had this chest in our bedroom for a number of years and we’ve decided to move it to the hallway.

chest of drawers

It came from the local recycling centre and has been in need of a freshen up so yesterday I sanded it down and hope to get it painted this week.  I’m going to do something with the drawer fronts but haven’t quite finalised what yet, watch this space

Time to link up with Lee:


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2 Replies to “WIP Wednesday

  1. I had to laugh because we have the very same clothing situation at our house!! Epp is gorgeous and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the drawers, I love your home diy projects!

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